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Celebrity Big Brother star Sharon Osbourne reveals ‘secret’ feud with fellow housemates

Celebrity Big Brother star Sharon Osbourne reveals ‘secret’ feud with fellow housemates

She opened up about finding them 'cringe' and 'desperate'

Sharon Osbourne has been providing armchair critics with TV gold during her short, but incredibly drama-packed, stint on Celebrity Big Brother.

Before Sharon left the show, the former X Factor judge wasn't shy in sharing her opinions on a whole host of fellow celebs, including the likes of Anna Wintour, James Corden, Meghan Markle, Ellen DeGeneres and Adele.

And it's clear her fellow contestants inside the infamous CBB house were not exempt from her wrath either as she's now revealed her 'secret' feud with two of her ex-housemates.

The 71-year-old opened up about her time on the ITV reality show on The Osbournes Podcast alongside her children, Kelly and Jack.

"Was there anyone in the house you didn't like?" Kelly asked to which Sharon replied: "A couple. Yeah."

She did, however, confirm that she kept such grievances to herself.

Naturally, Kelly insisted on specific names to which Sharon revealed: "They were both women, let's leave it at that."

She also noted: "They weren't mean to me, I just didn't..." before Jack interjected, asking if the spat was simply down to a 'personality clash'.

Agreeing with his comments, Sharon added: "I knew that they were hustlers," prompting Kelly to ask what was wrong 'with a bit of hustle'.

Sharon Osbourne said there were 'a couple' of people she didn't get on with during her short stint on the ITV show.

Sharon then savagely responded: "When you're desperate with it, it's kind of cringe."

But it seems like it wasn't all doom and gloom on the programme as, when asked who she would still talk to from the show, Sharon listed five names.

"Bradley, my baby boy, David, Nikita, Levi, Zeze," she shared.

She also previously opened up about missing her husband, Ozzy, telling viewers:

"I don’t want to stay away from Ozzy for too long. We're incredibly close as a family. I can’t recall a time when I went a week without speaking to any of them.

"Through all our fights and feuds, we’ve maintained communication, and this separation will undoubtedly be the longest."

Sharon blasted two of her fellow CBB housemates as 'cringe'.

The Sun previously reported that Sharon, who was a 'celebrity lodger', had a '£500,000 deal' to enter the house 'for up to five days', after producers considered her fee to appear in the whole three-week series 'too expensive'.

"Bosses did all they could to get Sharon and finally reached a deal she’s happy with," the outlet claimed.

"Sharon will inject enough drama but without her original price tag that was just not feasible. Producers cannot wait to see her reunite with Louis and know that it will be TV gold."

Well, it's clear they got their money's worth.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/@theosbournepodcast/ITV

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