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Body language expert gives verdict on Sharon Osbourne’s Celebrity Big Brother exit after fans slam interview

Body language expert gives verdict on Sharon Osbourne’s Celebrity Big Brother exit after fans slam interview

ITV viewers branded the interview a 'painful' watch

A body language expert has given her verdict on Sharon Osbourne’s Celebrity Big Brother exit after fans slammed the interview.

Now, Sharon has definitely not held back during her CBB appearance after calling out a whole handle of celebs including Adele, Anna Wintour and Simon Cowell.

But her time as a 'celebrity lodger' in the infamous Big Brother house has since come to an end as of yesterday (12 March) and ITV viewers all over have rushed to share their thoughts on her 'painful' exit interview.

Fans were left somewhat confused by the exchange between Sharon and hosts AJ Odudu and Will Best - pointing to the fact the star came across a whole lot more reserved than she had on the show.

It came after Sharon was shown her 'best bits' reel which featured fellow X Factor veteran, Louis Walsh, where she was reminded of calling Wintour 'the C-word', and saying that Cowell is 'the one who needs to change'.

Before playing the footage, Will said: "You certainly didn't hold back, the pair of you!"

Sharon was left gobsmacked after seeing the clips while Will added: "You seem surprised that we've seen all of that," to which she responded: "I thought they'd never air it! So negative, so mean."

ITV viewers slammed Sharon Osbourne's CBB exit interview as 'painful'.

"My God this interview with Sharon is painful," penned one X, formerly Twitter, user.

A second quipped: "I think Sharon has realised Louis has f**ked it for himself badly (she didn't think BB filmed everything) and is being careful in this interview. Great TV."

Meanwhile, a third added: "The Sharon Osbourne interview is like getting blood from a stone. AJ and Will are in the trenches."

Since then, body language expert Inbaal Honigman has offered her verdict on the interview speaking exclusively to Betway.

The expert opened up about her thoughts on Sharon's true feelings over her exit - including why she was 'sad' and 'regretted leaving the show so soon'.

"When Sharon hears that she's leaving, there's a moment of sadness all over her face - her lips are pulled down and her eyes are wistful," Inbaal claimed.

She went on: "Even if she knew that her time was short, when the end actually arrives, Sharon is extremely sad.

A body language expert claims Sharon was 'extremely sad' while departing from the show.

"When she leaves, she stops to look back at the housemates several times, even when they're already obscured from view. This means that she feels emotional about leaving them behind and that she will miss them.

"She almost has some regrets about leaving so soon."

The expert continued: "As she leaves the house, she covers her mouth with her hand and bows at the audience, which is a real moment for her - here we see how modest she is, truly shocked that so many people are applauding her and calling for her.

"The outpouring of love has caught her by surprise. Shaking hands with the awaiting fans, Sharon makes her exit about them, not about herself, showing how selfless she is by her nature."

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm on ITV1 and ITVX.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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