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Celebrity Big Brother’s Sharon Osbourne 'leaves house tonight’ after heartbreaking reason behind quick exit revealed

Celebrity Big Brother’s Sharon Osbourne 'leaves house tonight’ after heartbreaking reason behind quick exit revealed

Viewers have been dreading her departure

This year’s Celebrity Big Brother has well and truly thrilled viewers ever since launch night.

The much-anticipated return of the reality TV giant had us all hooked to our screens, with clashes between housemates and mentions of the royals coming thick and fast.

Despite all of that top-tier content, by far the highlight of everyone’s viewing has been Sharon Osbourne, because in no way has she held back from sharing her thoughts.

Sharon has shared her true feelings about a number of famous faces, including Simon Cowell, Anna Wintour, James Corden and Adele.

It has glued us to the telly, as we’re so used to celebs holding their tongues.

It was previously revealed that rather than being a fully fledged housemate, Sharon’s status in the house has been that of a ‘celebrity lodger' and that we can expect to see Sharon for a shorter time than many other celebrity cast members.

It has been confirmed that Sharon’s reduced time in the house is due to health issues pertaining to her husband, Ozzy Osbourne, and his diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease.

Could Sharon exit the show during tonight's elimination party?

Sharon commented: “I don’t want to stay away from Ozzy for too long. We’re so close as a family. I don’t think I have ever gone a week without talking to any of them, ever."

She continued: "Through fights, feuds, everything. We still talk, and this will definitely be the longest."

Despite Sharon’s shortened screen time, Celebrity Big Brother bosses were keen to secure her in whatever capacity they could.

It was claimed that 'bosses did all they could to get Sharon and finally reached a deal she’s happy with'.

A source said of Sharon's impending departure: "As always, family comes first".

The source continued: "Producers cannot wait to see her reunite with Louis and know that it will be TV gold."

Sharon certainly didn’t disappoint - but viewers have been dreading her departure.

Unfortunately, the time has come to say goodbye as the iconic former X Factor judge is set to leave the house tonight, according to sources.

A source close to the show told MailOnline: “Tuesday will be Sharon's last day in the Celebrity Big Brother house”, before adding: “As always, family comes first and Sharon needs to be back with her husband Ozzy but she will be missed by her housemates, especially as they say goodbye to another celebrity during tonight's eviction."

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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