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People left shocked after realising Bridgerton star Nicola Coughlan’s age

People left shocked after realising Bridgerton star Nicola Coughlan’s age

Some people were 17 years out with their estimations as the star returns to screens for a third season of Bridgerton

Bridgerton fans have been left 'mind blown' after realising Nicola Coughlan’s age, with some admitting they were 17 – yes, SEVENTEEN – years out with their estimation.

We’re all excited for Coughlan to return next month in the new season of the period romance-drama, set in Regency-era England.

Her character Penelope Featherington will sit centre-stage this time, as the series revolves around her relationship with Colin Bridgerton.

Speaking to Tyla recently, she revealed the new instalment would be the ‘most romantic’ yet, admitting it was slightly 'terrifying’ for her role to be at the core.

Coughlan teased the third season is 'really funny' while also being 'very action-packed', adding that there's even a 'cliffhanger midway' too.

"I'm very excited,” she added.

Our new leading lady rose to fame in 2018 when she had a breakthrough role as Clare Devlin in Derry Girls.

Nicola Couhglan in Derry Girls. (Channel 4)
Nicola Couhglan in Derry Girls. (Channel 4)

After playing the much-loved schoolgirl, many fans assumed she was younger than she actually is – often music to anyone's ears – only to be shocked to realise that they’d been way out.

One tweeted recently: “Actually mind blown upon discovering that nicola coughlan is 37.”

Someone else said in shock: “Nicola Coughlan is 37?!???????????!!!??????!!!!!??????”

A third wrote: “Nicola Coughlan is 37?!?!!!!!!! I thought bby girl was like 25.”

A fourth added: “AIN'T NO WAY NICOLA COUGHLAN IS 37... SHE LOOKS 20.”

She's returning as Penelope in season three of Bridgerton. (Netflix)
She's returning as Penelope in season three of Bridgerton. (Netflix)

Let’s also point out that, along with her enviably youthful appearance, Coughlan is also a GREAT actor, having become one Ireland’s finest exports.

She also recently starred in ‘heartbreaking’ Channel 4 series Big Mood, in which she and It’s a Sin’s Lydia West play BFFs Maggie and Eddie.

The show follows the pair’s friendship of 10 years as they try to navigate the added pressures of adult life, from work to mental health - especially as Maggie’s bipolar disorder rears its head.

It’s due to launch in the US and Canada later this month, meaning it’ll hopefully get the global recognition it deserves - having already won over a huge wave of fans in the UK, many of whom have been full of praise for the way it handled Maggie’s mental health story.

One tweeted: “Just finished Big Mood and I’m literally in tears. This series is a pure masterpiece. The way it showed awareness to mental health is alone something to preach about. Also Nicola and Lydia are just the most perfect on-screen duo.”

Someone else said: “Just finished watching #BigMood and I just wanna say I am so in awe of how good Nicola is. So is Lydia. And the ending just broke me, I really want a season 2 asap.”

A third said: “Just binge watched Big Mood all in one go the whole series, that ending was heartbreaking I won't spoil it but yh, heartbroken.”

Featured Image Credit: Joe Maher/BFC/Getty Images/Netflix

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