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Viewers left in tears after Paul O’Grady’s final ever TV appearance airs following his death last year

Viewers left in tears after Paul O’Grady’s final ever TV appearance airs following his death last year

The iconic Liverpudlian comedian passed away last year

A year after his tragic passing, Paul O'Grady's final ever on-screen stint has aired on television, leaving many viewers and heartbroken fans 'in tears'.

The UK entertainment industry was forced to say goodbye to the much-loved comedian and TV presenter in March 2023 when he died 'unexpectedly but peacefully' at his home in Kent, aged 67.

Paul's husband Andre Portasio broke the heartbreaking news that he'd suffered a sudden cardiac arrhythmia.

"He left to get some tea, and I heard this loud bang," he later told The Mirror. "But because the house is big and old, I didn’t think of anything at first.

"I walked to the kitchen to start putting some food on, and I started taking things out of the fridge. And all of a sudden, I could see him lying on the floor."

Since then, millions of passionate tributes began pouring in from followers and fans of his work - many coming from British superstars, including Queen Camilla, fellow presenter Lorraine Kelly, comedian Dawn French and singer Michael Buble.

Paul died last year, aged 67.
Jon Furniss/WireImage

A letter written by the Queen Consort - who was a dear friend of Paul's and shared his love of canine companions and charity work - was read out at his memorial service last year.

"I miss Paul very much," it read. "I had the pleasure of knowing him for many years, laughing at his waspish way with words and endlessly touched by the kindness of his heart."

And last night, telly-lovers were once again able to issue a final goodbye to the late national treasure, after ITV - the home of much of Paul's TV work - released his final ever on-screen appearance in the form of Great Elephant Adventure.

For those unfamiliar with the show, animal-lover Paul is seen travelling across South East Asia to explore some of the region's most widely-adored wildlife.

The comic visited Thailand's grandest wildlife hospital, and voyaged over to Laos to meet with some elephants.

ITV paid tribute to Paul last night.

And apparently, the show's release has had a huge impact on viewers, many of whom claimed the show consolidated the respect they had for the British television legend, and many of whom claimed it left them emotional.

"Watching the lovely Paul O’Grady’s elephants, he looks so happy! He is so missed and I am sobbing - partly watching him but mostly because humans suck!" one fan penned on social media last night.

Another went on: "Didn't expect to end up crying over a programme about Elephants with Paul O'Grady #PogElephants but here we are."

"The 'it’s time to go' line really got me! Knowing we’ll get no more original Paul O’Grady television from such a wonderful man is heartbreaking - Thank you Paul," a third added.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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