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Viewers in tears over 'heartbreaking' Channel 4 series amid calls for second season

Viewers in tears over 'heartbreaking' Channel 4 series amid calls for second season

Sometimes the most poignant moments in TV come from the most unexpected places

Viewers have been left in tears over a surprisingly ‘heartbreaking’ Channel 4 series that recently landed on TV, with many desperate for a second season after binging their way through the first in no time at all.

Sometimes a good sob in front of the sofa is just what we need, isn’t it? And yet it’s fair to say that if we’re sitting down to a comedy, it’s not what we’d expect to be on the cards.

But sometimes the most poignant moments in TV come from the most unexpected places, whether it’s Nick coming out to his mum over the kitchen table in Heartstopper or THAT devastating third episode of The Last of Us.

And what about that bus scene with Aimee and her friends in series three of Sex Education, which brought topics of sexual assault to a tender conclusion as the group came together in support?

Well, the latest thing that’s making you all weep is... a six-part comedy about two best friends starring the absolute queens that are Bridgerton icon Nicola Coughlan and It’s a Sin’s Lydia West.

Nicola Coughlan and Lydia West star as best friends Maggie and Eddie.
Channel 4

In Big Mood, they play BFFs Maggie and Eddie, who have been together through thick and thin.

But can their friendship of 10 years survive the added pressures of adult life, from work to mental health - especially as Maggie’s bipolar disorder rears its head.

The series landed on Channel 4 on 28 March, before being adding to streamer Stan in Australia the day after.

It’s also due to launch in the US and Canada later this month, meaning it’ll hopefully get the global recognition it deserves - having already won over a huge wave of fans in the UK, many of whom have been full of praise for the way it handled Maggie’s mental health story.

One tweeted: “Just finished Big Mood and I’m literally in tears. This series is a pure masterpiece. The way it showed awareness to mental health is alone something to preach about. Also Nicola and Lydia are just the most perfect on-screen duo.”

Someone else said: “Just finished watching #BigMood and I just wanna say I am so in awe of how good Nicola is. So is Lydia. And the ending just broke me, I really want a season 2 asap.”

Fans have been full of praise for the '10/10' series.

A third said: “Just binge watched Big Mood all in one go the whole series, that ending was heartbreaking I won't spoil it but yh, heartbroken.”

A fourth added: “Just finished watching BIG MOOD and I am speechless. Oh my goodness poor Maggie!! Oh no poor Eddie!! I can’t the show so short! I need more!! BIG MOOD s2 when? the acting and the plot really good!”

Many of the critics loved it, too, with a five-star review from the Evening Standard and a four-star write-up from Radio Times.

If you’re in the UK, you can watch Big Mood on Channel 4’s streaming site now - and no, we won’t judge you if you get through it all in one sitting...

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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