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Blake Lively hilariously clarifies who father of her children is after confusing comment about her personal trainer

Blake Lively hilariously clarifies who father of her children is after confusing comment about her personal trainer

The It Ends With Us actress made an innocent Instagram comment which she quickly realised could be taken out of context

Blake Lively was quick to clarify that Ryan Reynolds is definitely the father of her children after she made a confusing comment about her personal trainer on Instagram.

The Gossip Girl star, 35, has been married to the Deadpool actor, 46, for a decade and the pair share four children.

They’re one of the most well-known celebrity couples who are loved by many, however, Blake caused confusion after she appeared to imply that it was her personal trainer, Don Saladino, who was responsible for her four children.

Blake Lively with her personal trainer Don Saladino.
Instagram / @blakelively

It all started when the actress shared a picture showing off her physique on Instagram after working out.

One follower asked: “How have you had four kids?”

Blake responded by tagging her personal trainer, Don.

But apparently realising that the comment could be interpreted in a much different way than intended, Blake quickly followed-up that comment with: “Wait, no. That's not how. He's not the father. He's just the one who helps me fit into (some of) my clothes again after. He's an even better person and friend than trainer. And that's saying a lot.”

So, just in case you were wondering, Ryan is the father of James, eight, Inez, six, Betty, three, as well as a fourth child who was born earlier this year.

Blake Lively followed-up a confusing Instagram comment with one clarifying her personal trainer didn't father her kids.

When the couple confirmed the arrival of their fourth baby, they kept details about the baby’s name and gender private.

News of the baby's arrival was confirmed in the most nonchalant way, with Blake sharing a Super Bowl Sunday post in February this year with her husband and mother-in-law, without her baby bump.

She confirmed her pregnancy in September last year at the Forbes Power Women’s Summit, where she joked about her love of ‘creating’ things.

Blake Lively had a beach getaway with her husband Ryan and their mums.

"I just like to create. Whether that's baking or storytelling or businesses or humans, I just really like creating,” she joked.

Then in April, Free Guy star told Entertainment Tonight: “You know, two to three was a huge jump… three to four less so. I cannot speak for my wife, but it’s just from what I’ve observed. But we love it. You know, we would be idiots to do this again if we didn’t love it.”

In other news, Blake is prepping for the film adaptation of Colleen Hoover's best-selling romance novel It Ends With Us, with Blake portraying lead character Lily Bloom. Production on the film has stopped temporarily due to the ongoing WGA strike.

The book focuses on small town girl, Lily, who moves to Boston to start her own business.

Featured Image Credit: Monica Schipper /Getty Images for Netflix Insta / @blakelively

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