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Adele breaks down in tears after spotting doctor who delivered her baby in audience

Adele breaks down in tears after spotting doctor who delivered her baby in audience

She immediately rushed over to him, apologising to fans as she paused the concert

Emotional footage shows Adele breaking down in tears after spotting the man who delivered her baby in the audience of her Las Vegas residency.

The singer has been taking over The Colosseum at Caesars Palace with her Weekends with Adele concert series, which is due to end in June next year after recently being extended.

And the shows have been anything but dull, with everything from gender reveals to famous faces in the crowd keeping things suitably exciting.

But while Adele didn’t actually clock Shania Twain watching along at the time (later saying she would have ‘self combusted’ if she had seen her there as she ‘adores’ her), there’s one person she recognised almost instantly.

The man may not be quite as famous as Shania, but Adele found herself fangirling BIG TIME.

She spotted someone in the crowd she recognised.

You see, it turned out the bloke - named Colin - was the person who delivered her baby.

Stopping her song, she called up to him: “Oh my god, Colin! Oh my god! This is my doctor that gave birth to my baby!”

As she made her way up to where he was standing, she said: “I haven't seen you for years!”

The music continued playing in the background as Adele went to greet Colin, before she apologised to fans.

Adele rushed over to Colin as soon as she saw him.

“Sorry!” she cried out.

“Will you sing it for me? That man delivered my baby!'

Commenting on the footage on Twitter, one person said: “That's just the coolest thing ever!”

Someone else wrote: “So wholesome.”

A third said: “I am sobbing this is so genuine.”

A fourth added: “The kindest ever. The way she can actually recognize the people that meant so much to her. She never forgets.”

The two shared an emotional hug.

Over the weekend, Adele also took a moment to pay tribute to late actor Matthew Perry, who passed away on Saturday 28 October at the age of 54.

"One of my friends Andrew, when I was like 12, did the best Chandler impression,” she told the crowd.

“And he would do it all the time to make us laugh.

"And if anyone was having a bad day or feeling low, he would just pretend to be Chandler.

"And I will remember that character for the rest of my life and I remember visiting New York for the first time and going on a Friends tour and it's a really big part of my life."

The singer also went on to reflect on Perry's openness about his 'struggles with addiction and sobriety’, having faced similar difficulties herself – revealing in another concert earlier this month that she ‘stopped drinking quite a long time ago’ after being ‘borderline alcoholic’ for a large portion of her twenties.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter / @adelejuul

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