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Netflix Dropped A Huge Clue About Love Before 'You' Season Two And We All Missed It

Netflix Dropped A Huge Clue About Love Before 'You' Season Two And We All Missed It

They were trying to warn us all along. Eeek!

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

*This article contains spoilers for season two of You*

Ever since season two of Netflix's You was released on Boxing Day, we've been reeling over the unexpected twists and turns.

But much to our frustration, it turns out Netflix actually gave us a HUGE clue about Love Quinn's murderous ways before the show was even released.

Netflix dropped a huge clue and we didn't even realise (

One viewer took to social media to point it out this week, posting an image of theYou season two poster and explaining: "They were telling us in the poster and we didn't even realise... (if you finished Season 2 you'll get it)."

In the poster, Joe (Penn Badgley) can be seen glaring directly at the camera, with Candace (Ambyr Childers) in the background, staring suspiciously down her heart-shaped sunglasses.

Meanwhile, Love (Victoria Pedretti) is standing in front of Joe, peering down at something out of shot.

Fans have a LOT of thoughts on the matter, specifically over the words 'Meet Your Match' emblazoned just above Joe's head.

If you haven't finished - or even started - the second series, there are some pretty major spoilers ahead, just an FYI.

It seems the words are a huge clue to the major twist in the ninth episode, in which Joe (as well as viewers) watches Love admitting to murdering both Delilah (Carmela Zumbado) as well as her and Forty's childhood au pair, Sofia (Brooke Johnson).

Fans were in shock over the revelation, with others taking to the comments to post their own interpretations of the poster.

One pointed out: "He's looking at 'you' because there will always be someone else to fixate on."

It's also thought Love could be looking down at a baby bump following the news her and Joe are expecting a baby girl.

Another fan pointed out a very eerie observation over how the title of the show, You had been designed.

"But also, the 'You' is slashed because that's her method of um," they wrote, referring to how Love murdered her two victims. Eek.

Joe moves to LA to start his new life (

The 10-episode season was released on Boxing Day and has been a huge hit among crime thriller fans - and if you haven't binge-watched the lot already, we highly recommend.

Following on from the first season, Joe has moved to Los Angeles after his ex-girlfriend, Candace returns looking for revenge after he tried to kill her.

Living under a fake name, Will Bettelheim, Joe is trying to start his life afresh, working in (another) book store and with a new love interest, Love Quinn.

While attempting to protect his relationship with Love and despite trying not to continue his cold-blooded killings, Joe slips back into his old ways.

Eventually, Candace tracks him down, determined to prove to Love who Joe really is.

Viewers were shocked when Love turned out to be a killer, too (

When Candace eventually unveils the truth, the show takes a dramatic turn and Love murders Candace to protect the 'family' she's always wanted.

At the end of the season, just when we thought Joe could finally be content with Love, he's seen peering through the garden fence and obsessing once again over another woman.

Series three, you can't come quick enough!

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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