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Love Island Fans Divided Over Aaron's 'Red Flags' Comment During Brutal Sharon Break Up

Love Island Fans Divided Over Aaron's 'Red Flags' Comment During Brutal Sharon Break Up

Aaron said he wanted someone 'more chilled' after Sharon's row with his friend, Hugo.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Love Island pair Aaron Francis and Sharon Gaffka seemed like one of the only solid couples for most of this week.

But after Sharon's row with Hugo Hammond, over comments he made about 'fake' girls, cracks started to show.

Aaron wasn't happy with how angry Sharon got at Hugo, and he told her as much in last night's show, putting an end to their romance by recalling this row, as well as the fact she doesn't want kids in the future.

But many people weren't happy with his reasoning for ending their fling, suggesting that the subsequent dates he had with both the new girls might have had something to do with it, too...

Check out a video of the dumping below:

Arguing that he was "gaslighting" and "manipulating" Sharon by bringing up issues with her personality and life choices, when really he just didn't want to date her any more, many fans flocked to Twitter to show their disapproval.

One person wrote: "When a man uses 'red flags' as an excuse to dump someone when they just don't like someone's personality or opinions = manipulative/gaslighting, Aaron. Just be careful!"

While another penned: "Help me understand how you're already talking about kids when you don't even know if you'll be picked by the end of the night Aaron.

"Help me understand that. Men will come up with anything at this point. I'm tiyadddd".

A third agreed: "I kinda get what Aaron is saying buy his delivery is give me controlling and manipulative vibes!"

Aaron dumped Sharon in last night's show (

Others disagreed, though: "A lot of Aaron bashing... I think most people would have seen the "fake" escalation as a bit unnecessary. She's also said she doesn't want kids.

"After a week if you're not feeling it you move on. I don't think he's lead her on?"

Someone else concurred: "Slating Aaron for personal preference and not wanting drama AND not leading Sharon on yet being okay with Brad,Mr 'she's a bit of me', to every girl until the next one arrives? Nah. #LoveIsland".

"I don't get why people are so upset with Aaron. If he's seeing red flags, then why carry it on? To please the viewers?? If you wanna be with someone after seeing red flags, then daiz you. Let the man live"," said a third Aaron supporter.

Sharon looked wounded by Aaron's decision (

Elsewhere in the episode, Brad McClelland made his feelings for new girl Lucinda Stafford very clear, despite having just coupled up with Rachel Finni.

And fans noticed he used the same lines on both girls, when trying to woo them. Read more about that here.

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