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Love Island: Aaron Set To Dump Sharon After Date With New Girls

Love Island: Aaron Set To Dump Sharon After Date With New Girls

Have we got our first casualty of the series?

Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

We reckon this season of Love Island should change its name, perhaps to Dump Island.

None of our current couples have a real spark - and the latest episode of the series sees Sharon and Aaron on the rocks. Yikes.

Aaron was left less than impressed with Sharon after the Mr and Mrs game that took place the previous evening, after she took offence to Hugo saying he doesn't like "fake" girls (with Hugo left in tears).

You can watch the video here.

Model Aaron, famous for his ball trimmer commercial, told the boys privately that Sharon's fiery temper was at odds with his more relaxed demeanour.

It's another blow for the pair, with Aaron having also been turned off by Sharon telling him she was "career driven" over brunch.

Aaron seemed to enjoy his date (

And now, things have been made even more rocky for the pair, with Aaron being chosen to go on a date with new bombshell Lucinda.

"I feel like you're really good looking, and I feel like we get along really well," Lucinda explained, when Aaron quizzed why he was picked.

Sharon told Aaron she was career-orientated (

With the culmination of the previous night's events, plus the date with a hot new girl, Aaron has been left doubting his connection with Sharon - despite the pair previously being unable to keep their hands off each other.

Grabbing her for a chat, Aaron explained: "I wanted to chat to you yesterday. After yesterday, I didn't really like the way you reacted to everything."

Sharon replied: "From my perspective, you weren't in the conversation. So when I was talking to him, I wasn't yelling."

Aaron and Sharon may be on thin ice (

Aaron then responded: "Personally, I do prefer someone a lot more chilled. We get on really well, that's pretty clear. But I do feel like there were a few red flags about. Can I see this working long-term? I'm not really sure. I didn't want to continue it."

"You didn't?" Sharon asked. "Or you don't?"

All will be revealed in tonight's episode of Love Island.

Love Island continues weekdays and Sundays at 9pm on ITV2.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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