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Love Island Fans Accuse Sharon And Faye Of 'Bullying' After Hugo's 'Fake' Comments

Love Island Fans Accuse Sharon And Faye Of 'Bullying' After Hugo's 'Fake' Comments

Things kicked off on Tuesday night’s show.

Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

Eeeek. Love Island has only been on for a week, and yet we've already had some pretty big rows.

In the first few days we saw Faye fall out with Brad, bluntly calling him a 'c***' for his lack of interest towards her.

And in Tuesday night's episode, Hugo was left in tears, after some comments he made during a villa challenge did not go down well.

Watch the video below.

In what was meant to be a fun game among all the Islanders, the couples were asked to get to know each other before being asked questions about their partner's preferences.

However, Hugo's comments about liking 'leggy blondes' and not being a fan of the 'fake' look did not go down well with the girls - particularly Sharon and Faye, who revealed how many cosmetic procedures they had earlier in the game.

Hugo seemed genuinely shocked to learn Sharon and Faye were upset with him, telling the boys he "didn't mean anything malicious", before bursting into tears following a tense chat with Sharon.

Hugo was stunned for causing any upset (

And viewers were not happy with how Faye and Sharon handled the situation, with many accusing the pair of 'bullying' on Twitter.

"I'm sick of the the girls ganging up and bullying on Hugo. Why see him as the easy target? What because he's nice and you think that he cannot defend himself?" one person wrote.

A second said: "Sharon and Faye were completely out of order in my opinion. The way they treated Hugo was borderline bullying."

People believed Sharon and Faye went in too hard on Hugo (
Sharon and Faye were even accused of bullying by some (

A third wrote: "So everyone's telling us to be kind after last night's Love Island. But what about the girls in the villa who literally ganged up on Hugo and practically bullied him into crying?"

Meanwhile, others said they found there was a double standard between Hugo's comments, and some of the comments from the rest of the boys.

"Hang on, so Aaron can say he doesn't like hairy arms, Jake can go on about how he ONLY likes petite blonde girls, but Hugo says he doesn't like the fake look and he's in the wrong?" one person pointed out.

The 'fake' row did not go down on Twitter (
Others thought that the girls were unfair on Hugo (

"What an overreaction!" a second said. "So the girls can say they don't like short guys or guys that aren't hench, but a guy can't say he didn't like fake?"

"Let's face it, this is a show all about looks," a third person added. "Plus, no-one batted an eyelid when all the girls said they didn't like the way Hugo looked at the beginning."

However, others sided with Faye and Sharon, saying that Hugo was a little tactless with his choice of words.

"Actually so proud of Sharon and Faye for putting Hugo in his place," one woman wrote. "Men never deep how offensive and loaded the work 'fake' is when describing a woman who has had work done. Glad this is actually being discussed on the show."

"Hugo shouldn't have kept repeating fake, but that literally just could've been solved by someone politely pointing out why that might be rude," another wrote.

Others believed Hugo was in the wrong (

"I will give it to Faye. Despite her silly outburst about not caring that Hugo is crying, she is educating him quite cleverly regarding cosmetic procedures and how the word 'fake' can come across as rude and offensive. Fair play," a third said.

The argument was soon settled after Hugo found Faye and apologised to her too for his comments, and the three of them hugged it out.

But is this really the end of the drama?

Love Island continues weekdays and Sundays at 9pm on ITV2.

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