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Love Island Fans Fuming As Brad Chats Up Lucinda Using Same Line As With Rachel

Love Island Fans Fuming As Brad Chats Up Lucinda Using Same Line As With Rachel

Brad turned his head so fast it’s a surprise he’s not got whiplash.

Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

Love Island is set to get explosive, as the arrival of two new girls saw the boys looking to explore their options.

One of the boys who was left bowled over by the arrival of Lucinda and Millie was Brad, who had his head turned so fast he could have given himself whiplash.

Watch the video here.

After the girls went out for a boozy brunch together, the boys were left excited when they received a text revealing two new girls were heading into the villa.

Both blonde, tanned and gorgeous, jaws dropped when they sashayed in together, with Brad instantly having his eyes on Lucinda.

"Oh my days, that one in the black!" he said, as the group rushed over to meet them.

When Lucinda asked whether the boys were "all settled down" in their couples, Brad instantly said: "I am not!", which prompted laughter.

Lucinda has turned Brad's head (

"I've only known the lass two days, do you know what I mean?," he added.

And then in confessional room, Brad revealed: "Both lasses are absolutely stunning, but my days, that Lucinda..."

Wow, Brad.

He even started grafting Lucinda using the very same lines he had used on Rachel, telling her it was "the first time" someone had walked in and "was his type."

Brad's lines left people cringeing (
Others couldn't believe that Brad recycle the same chat-up lines (

Brad's admission comes just one day after stunning bombshell Rachel chose to save him over Chuggs, after a day of hard graft.

Rachel and Brad then got cosy under the covers that evening, sharing kisses and "dry-humping", much to the delight of others.

Naturally, Brad's sudden head turn did not go down too well with viewers, who were left disappointed that he was willing to ditch Rachel so quickly after she chose to save him.

Others cracked jokes about Brad's sudden swap in his 'type' (
Others were laughing at Brad's repetitive chat up technique (

And a teaser for tonight's show, which aired at the end of the episode and showed Rachel in tears, left some people enraged.

"She's your type though, right?," Lucinda can be seen asking Brad.

To which Brad replies: "Well you're more my type."

Taking to Twitter, one person wrote of Brad's eerily similar conversation with Lucinda: "Brad used the same bars on Rachel."

Brad's behaviour left a lot to be desired (
Fans were hoping Rachel chooses to ditch Brad (
People also dubbed Brad's behaviour as 'sly' (

Another said: "Can we just try and understand for a min truly how sly and clever Brad actually is for completely faking interest in Rachel to the extent he did, to keep his place in the villa!!!"

"Brad dropping Rachel for the first blonde who walks in the house doesn't sit right with me," sniped a third, while a fourth said: "How's brad calling Rachel a red flag when he's the biggest game player?"

Rachel was left looking unhappy in the teaser for tonight's show (

Others were left angry after the teaser for the next episode saw Rachel in tears once more over Brad.

"Where is the energy Rachel came in with. How can she be crying over BRAD... TWICE. She needs to get a grip," one viewer wrote unsympathetically.

"Brad changes his tune like I change my mind... This guy's a hustler. And Rachel crying, damn sis I feel bad," a second wrote.

"Rachel better send Brad packing," a third said, and a fourth added: "I'll be real, if Lucinda doesn't play Brad after hearing what Rachel gone through, I ain't watching it."

Will Brad handle this situation sensitively? Somehow, we doubt it.

Love Island continues weeknights and Sundays at 9pm on ITV2.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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