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Rapper Stefflon Don was booed and hit with criticism online after she questioned Love Island contestant Mehdi Edno’s sexuality during an episode of Aftersun.

Stefflon - whose real name is Stephanie Allen - was one of the guests on last night’s episode but was met with a backlash over comments she made about the 26-year-old Love Island contestant.

Speaking to host Maya Jama, Stefflon said: “I don’t know if he even likes females, I’m not going to lie.”

Maya replied: “Oh no," while the live studio audience let out a collective gasp and then booed the 31-year-old.

Undeterred, Stefflon continued: “I’m not sure you know. Or he likes both. He’s giving a bit of both.”

Maya then quickly stepped in to say: “He can do whatever he likes, but…”

Stefflon Don appeared on Aftersun last night.

As well as the studio audience being unimpressed with Stefflon’s remarks, viewers at home were quick to condemn the rapper too.

Posting on Twitter one said: “That was really unnecessary. We should not be questioning ppl’s sexuality in 2023. Whitney, like Ella, needs a new guy. Let’s leave it at that.”

“Homophobia and biphobia during pride month?! Simply wild scenes and it killed my vibe,” said an unhappy viewer.

Another wrote: “That’s not cool. She shouldn’t be speculating about his sexuality on TV. Just say that you don’t see it for Mehdi and Whitney. There’s no reason to get into all of that.”

Host Maya Jama appeared shocked by her comments.

A fourth commented: “I don’t even like Mehdi but this was disrespectful and very distasteful.”

While someone else said: “Nobody should be outed without their knowledge or consent. If he is homosexual or not this is so wrong on so many levels.”

Model Mehdi is currently coupled with Whitney Adebayo, but that didn’t stop him trying to lock lips with every girl in the villa during the sexy dance challenge last night.

As has become a regular feature on the show, contestants are strapped up to heart rate monitors while they perform for each other.

Mehdi Edno took part in last night's heart rate challenge.

And when it came to Mehdi’s turn to try and impress the ladies, he opted for a black leather outfit that didn’t leave much to the imagination, and then worked his way through the waiting girls, leaning in for a kiss with each of them - although Kady McDermott and Ella Thomas did manage to avoid a snog.

And it appears his efforts didn’t go down well with 25-year-old Whitney either.

Speaking in the beach hut she confessed: "My heart definitely weren't racing for him. It went down when he kissed everyone." Ouch.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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