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Ariana Grande Cuts Off Her Famous Ponytail Post-Pete Davidson Split

Ariana Grande Cuts Off Her Famous Ponytail Post-Pete Davidson Split

The popstar has switched up her look in favour of a much shorter 'do.

Rachel Andrews

Rachel Andrews

Ariana Grande just unveiled a major post-Pete Davidson break-up hair cut on her Instagram.

The 'Thank u, next' popstar's has cut off her famous waist-length ponytail in favour of a shoulder-length blunt lob in a gorgeous chestnut brown colour.

Not even mentioning the lack of pony in the pic, Ari wrote: "This filter took my eyebrows away but I promise they're there," but she later removed the caption.

Ariana has played with the colour of her hair in the past, dabbling in both platinum blonde and chocolate brown. She's also tried out full fringes, but nothing could have prepared fans for this new look she just casually debuted on Thursday.

It probably shouldn't come as much of a surprise that she's ditched her iconic look though, as the singer recently said her sleek, ultra high ponytail caused her 'constant pain' when questioned by Camilla Cabello on Twitter.

Camilla tweeted Ari that doing a high ponytail hurt her head, and the 'God Is A Woman' singer replied: "Well u actually have hair so that prolly makes it a lil more painful ..... nah jk i'm in constant pain always and don't care at all [sic]."

PA Images

Ariana's 134 million Instagram followers couldn't get enough of her break-up hair, and gushed over her new look in the comments as soon as the pic was posted.

"Yassss! Thank u, NEXT to that ponytail," exclaimed one of her fans.

While another declared: "Omg. Love. Your. Hair."

"Your hair is stunnnnnnnnnnnning," shared a third, but a final added: "I'm gonna miss your long ponytail!"

It's unclear whether this is the end of Ari's ponytail for good or if she's just giving herself a breather, but it is refreshing to see a new look from the popstar.

Pete and Ariana before their split. PA Images
Pete and Ariana before their split. PA Images

Ariana split from Pete after a five-month whirlwind romance in October in which they got engaged and bought a pet pig together.

Featured Image Credit: PA Images

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