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Ariana Grande Offers The Most Savage Advice To Anyone Thinking Of Getting Engaged

Ariana Grande Offers The Most Savage Advice To Anyone Thinking Of Getting Engaged

Ariana Grande might be so f*cking grateful for her ex... but that certainly hasn't stopped the Thank u, Next singer from making not-so-subtle digs at her former fiancé, Pete Davidson, all over social media.

The latest clapback in a long line of sassy digs came when the 25-year-old offered up some honest advice for anyone who's considering getting married.


When Ariana came across an Instagram post from The Zoe Report with a link to '13 tips & tricks for finding the perfect engagement ring,' she simply commented: 'Don't.'

While the comment section was flooded with comments from fans saying 'Yassss, you're a Queen,' The Zoe Report responded with a line from Ariana's new song Thank u, Next, writing: "Ain't no need for searchin [sic]." Incredible stuff.

This comes after Ariana accused her ex-fiancé of 'clinging' on to being relevant by joking about their engagement.

In a promo video for Pete's appearance on Saturday Night Live, the comedian jokingly asks musical guest Maggie Rogers if she wants to tie the knot.


"Hey Maggie, I'm Pete," he jokes. "Do you want to get married?"

After seeing the clip, Ariana tweeted: "For somebody who claims to hate relevancy u sure love clinging onto it huh.

"Thank u, next."

Now, of course we know the very next day Ariana released her latest single, Thank u, Next, which pays homage to her ex-lovers.

Ariana references her relationships with Big Sean, Ricky Alvarez, Pete Davidson and Mac Miller, who tragically died of an overdose in September this year.

But ultimately, Ariana talks about moving on from her exes, singing: "I met someone else. We having better discussions. I know they say I move on too fast. But his one gon' last. Cause her name is Ari, and I'm so good with that."

Not only does Ari reference the comments people made about her moving on too fast from Mac to Pete, she also goes on to reference the hardship she's overcome in the last two years from the Manchester attack to the death of Mac Miller.

"She taught me love. She taught me patience. How she handles pain. That sh*t's amazing. I've loved and I've lost. But that's not what I see. 'Cause look what I've found. Ain't no need for searching."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Ariana Grande

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