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Ariana Grande fans have been left baffled by her ever-changing accent after someone made a compilation of clips of her speaking over the years.

Ariana was just 16-years-old when she found fame with the Nickelodeon show Victorious all the way back in 2010.

Although she made her name on TV, the 30-year-old is perhaps better known for her wildly successful musical career, which has seen her scoop two Grammys, one BRIT Award and a whopping nine MTV Video Music Awards.

Alongside that, she also launched cosmetic brand r.e.m. beauty in November 2021.

And she is currently gearing up to make her return to the big screen with the movie adaptation of Wicked in which she plays the good witch Glinda.

The singer's accent has changed over the years.

However, fans of the star can’t help but be slightly baffled by Ariana’s changing accent - and not for the first time.

In a clip shared to Reddit, a selection of clips of the star appears to show her showcasing a range of different accents over the years.

Commenting on the clip one fan said: “Even the most recent voice she is putting on is not genuine.”

Another wrote: “She changes her voice more than I do and I’m a damn voice actress. It’s been so weird watching her be in the spotlight for the past decade.”

While a third said: “The first one is the real Ariana, everything else is Ariana running far away from who she was.”

Someone else added: “The way I knew the 'that's my cookie that's my juice' clip was going to be in here. The switch up in the way she speaks is truly ridiculous.”

Earlier this year, Ariana took part in a video that was posted the r.e.m. beauty’s YouTube account, titled One year at Ulta beauty Q+A with Ariana Grande, where she shared her own skincare routine and answered questions from fans.

Ariana is set to star as Glinda the good witch in Wicked.

However, those watching the clip claim that Grande sounded markedly different from how she used to with some claiming she was using a ‘new voice’.

One Twitter user penned: "Why does Ariana Grande have a new voice or accent every year?"

A second commented: “lol the three different voices in one video.”

Other fans suggested Grande may have been unintentionally copying the accent of those around her; a phenomenon known as the Chameleon Effect.

According to research in the Journal of personality and social psychology, the Chameleon Effect 'refers to nonconscious mimicry of the postures, mannerisms, facial expressions, and other behaviours of one's interaction partners, such that one's behaviour passively and unintentionally changes to match that of others in one's current social environment'.

Featured Image Credit: Reddit / Vegetable-Bison-597

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