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Will Smith Fans In Stitches Over Relatable Video Of Him Farting During Workout

Will Smith Fans In Stitches Over Relatable Video Of Him Farting During Workout

We've all been there...

Will Smith left his fans in stitches after sharing a rather embarrassing video of him farting during an intense workout with the Miami Dolphins,

The Fresh Prince was recording a video with a full production crew (and top quality microphones) when the accidentally let one rip.

Watch the video here:

In the clip, Will is on his knees and leaning forward to stretch his arm on a muscle roller.

The Men In Black star accompanied the video with the text: "Training with the Miami Dolphins was going great... until that morning coffee snuck up on me. Wait for it..."

Will's face then turns red after letting out a fart in the compromising position, quickly looking up to check if the production crew caught it on camera.

Oh, Will...

The team behind the camera can't help themselves, and break out into fits of laughter.

Ever the comedian, Will jokes: "Do you guys have showers in here?"

Will Smith was happy to share the awkward moment on his Instagram. (

Sharing the cringe-worthy moment with his 57.1 million Instagram followers, Will wrote: "They said to relax ALL my muscles."

Thousands of fans commented on Will's video, sharing that it had left them in stitches.

"HAHA farts will never be not funny," commented one fan.

"The lil 'oooop' has me CRYING," wrote another.

A third joked: "When you get old it’s harder to Hold"

Some took comfort in the fact that even the most famous faces in the world fart from time to time.

Will's fans were in stitches over the clip. (

"It happens but something extra funny about it when it's Will Smith," commented one fan.

Another added: "I'll sleep better at night knowing that celebrities 💨 too."

They're just like us, really!

Earlier this week, we told you about Gogglebox star Jenny, who had viewers in tears this week when she accidentally farted while trying to reenact a scene from the international strength competition series World's Strongest Man.

Jenny's accidental flatulence horrified Lee, but fans of the show couldn't get enough.

One fan commented: “Honestly I nearly lost a [mouthful] of Baileys watching that tonight."

There really is nothing quite as hilarious or as humbling, is there?

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@WillSmith

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