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Vicky Pattison shares inspiring message urging followers to get in front of the camera

Vicky Pattison shares inspiring message urging followers to get in front of the camera

The Geordie Shore star's post came as families get together for Christmas

Geordie Shore star Vicky Pattison has shared an inspiring post urging people to get in front of the camera as families get together for the festive season.

We've all been guilty of avoiding a photograph every now and again, arguing you look like you've just rolled out of bed or haven't had chance to brush your hair.

We often dread the thought of being captured at a bad angle or with a funny look on our face, but the reality TV star and podcast host has stressed they're not the things we should be thinking about.

Pattison shared her caption alongside a series of images of herself.

Pattison took to Instagram today (24 December) to share a series of images of herself and explained she'd been inspired by other social media users to share a thought-provoking caption alongside it.

She began: "Be in the pictures this festive season. Stop hiding from the camera. One day someone who loves you will be thankful that you decided to be in the picture and they won't care if you hair looked nice or if you were sucking in. They will only care that you were there."

She credited her opening lines to digital creator Alex Light and author Julie Murphy, and explained it had 'really got [her] thinking'.

"Over the years I can't tell you how many times I've said 'oh don't get me in the picture I look terrible' or 'omg, look at the state of me, don't post that!' And I think now about all the beautiful family moments I could have been a part of had I just not been so self conscious or so fixated on all of the wrong things," she wrote.

Pattison noted loved ones don't care what you look like.

"I have always, ALWAYS been happiest with a bit of meat on my bones, fork in hand and surrounded by people I love the most... And that's what Christmas is all about... not looking perfect in a picture," Pattison continued.

She pointed out her family members 'don't care' what she looks like, so urged others to 'get in the picture' and 'give yourself the gift of kindness' instead of 'picking yourself apart'.

"It might seem frivolous now to put so much gravity on a photograph- but that snapshot of that beautiful family moment will be there forever, even when memories fade and those we loved aren't around anymore.

"And not one single person who treasures that photo will care if you were at your 'goal weight' or not. So happy Christmas Eve everyone.. and take the picture," she concluded.

The Ex on the Beach star has been celebrated for her inspirational words, with followers showing their support for her message.

Featured Image Credit: vickypattison/Instagram

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