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Woman shares her 'nightmare' hairdressing experience before Christmas party

Woman shares her 'nightmare' hairdressing experience before Christmas party

It didn't quite go according to plan

The festive period is upon us, which means people will be heading out to let off some much needed steam at their work Christmas parties.

If yours is coming up, you might have already popped to the shops for a new outfit for the big night or stopped by the hairdressers for a fresh trim.

But one woman found out the hard way that sometimes a new do doesn't always go to plan.

Deanna Woodfield was getting ready for her work party and decided to treat herself to a different look... just maybe not that different.

In a post to TikTok, she says: "I've never had one of those nightmare hairdressing experiences, and I went in and I asked for curtain bangs. Oh my God, "I don't even wanna look, it's so awful, it's so awful.

Deanna's trip to the hairdresser's didn't go as well as she'd hoped.

"I just walked out I said thank you and I walked out. Oh my God, what has she done?

"I don't even know what I'm gonna do to fix it. Oh my God.

"Oh my gosh, it's so awful, oh my gosh. I've gotta go to a Christmas party. I felt so bad for her, she didn't mean to do it.

"She thought I wanted actual bangs. I've had bangs before and I hated them. Oh my God, what is this? What am I going to do?

"I wanted it to go all swoopy and it looks awful. "

Concluding her vid, Deanna said: "I look awful. She ruined it. I was having such a good day too."

Since she posted the video, it has been viewed more than 2.7 million times, with thousands of people piling into the comments to offer her some words of advice or consolations.

"Just need to put a curler on them and they swoosh to the side and look great," said one.

While another added: "Omg no, how is she qualified?"

Deanna managed to do something with her hair.

In another video, however, Deanna explained that she managed to do something with it and got rid of her bangs.

Responding to a comment from one follower, she revealed that she just slicked it back.

She said: "Okay, so this is what I've managed to achieve. For my Christmas party tonight. I slicked back and some styling moves, which I never ever do.

"This is a first like I'm fivehead and so I never ever ever slicked back so this is what I've done anyway. I actually don't hate it, but it is an improvement from that monstrosity that was that haircut."

Featured Image Credit: deanna_woodfield/TikTok

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