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Trisha Paytas hits back after being slammed for 'dangerous' picture of newborn daughter

Trisha Paytas hits back after being slammed for 'dangerous' picture of newborn daughter

Trisha Paytas has spoken out after receiving backlash over an image she shared of her child on social media

Trisha Paytas has spoken out after receiving backlash over an image she shared of her newborn daughter on social media.

The American YouTuber, singer and Only Fans content creator gave birth to her first child on Wednesday, 14 September.

Not long after, she was slammed online after revealing what she and her husband decided to call their baby daughter.

Fans were quick to rush to Paytas' defence, however, the 34-year-old has since found herself on the receiving end of criticism once again, after posting a 'dangerous' picture of her little one.

Paytas has taken to Instagram to respond to the negative comments.

Trisha Paytas has faced criticism over a recent Instagram picture she shared of her daughter.

The image of her daughter Paytas uploaded to Instagram shows the baby placed in the middle of a white armchair, a microphone leaning in front of the child.

Paytas' jokey caption reads: "Introducing my new podcast co-host."

However, the post was met with fierce backlash from Paytas' followers.

Some were concerned with how many photos Paytas is uploading of her baby.

One wrote: "You are posting her way too much. It’s really sick how parents use their young children - BABIES - for content. Just look at how much you’ve exposed her online already. A few pics here and there is ok but come on now. You are not just sharing your life, you are sharing someone else’s that has no idea or say in it."

However, most were concerned with the baby's position on the chair and the whiteness of the child's tongue.

One user wrote : "NO TRISHA. SUPPORT HER NECK."

"Hey mamas make sure you clean Malibus tongue or she can get something called Thrush. Thrush is very painful for babies to have," another commented.

A third said: "She should not be sitting up like that without support at 2 weeks old."

Taking to the comments section of her own post to respond to followers, Paytas wrote: "Hey everyone. Thanks for all the sweet comments. I love showing Malibu and what we are doing throughout the day.

"I just ask if you’re not her paediatrician , to not comment or speculate on medical conditions. She has a paediatrician she sees every 2 weeks in this newborn stage and everything is fine :) she drinks formula and that’s why she’s got white on her tongue.

Trisha Paytas thanked followers for the 'sweet comments' but asked others to 'not comment or speculate on medical conditions'.

"I know y’all are probably trying to help, but medical speculation spreads a lot of false information online. Feel free to leave other new mommy tips and advice, non-medical related :) I always love that."

However, one user responded: "When you put pictures on the internet people are going to comment. You can’t expect everyone to always have lovely things to say especially when it comes to a baby’s health."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@trishapaytasbackup

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