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Trisha Paytas flooded with support after being branded 'cruel and selfish' over newborn baby’s name

Trisha Paytas flooded with support after being branded 'cruel and selfish' over newborn baby’s name

Trisha's baby's name has been labelled 'iconic'.

Fans are rushing to defend Trisha Paytas after people slammed her for being 'cruel and selfish' over the name she chose for her baby daughter.

Trisha, who is best known for her ASMR and Mukbang YouTube videos, welcomed her first child last month with her fiancé Moses Hacmon.

When the new mum announced on social media that she had given birth, most of her followers were overjoyed - but some were pretty peeved about the name she had given her child.

"She has arrived," Trisha wrote on 15 September, the day after her daughter was born.

"Meet our daughter, Malibu Barbie Paytas-Hacmon. Born 09.14.22."

Love it or hate it, this name is definitely unique.

Taking to Twitter, some people slammed Trisha's name choice.

One outraged user had tweeted: "Malibu Barbie is cruel and selfish. It is an ugly [name] played by the poor baby’s parents. It is NOT a cute name."

Another wrote: "Please tell me you did not actually curse your child with the name Malibu Barbie."

After watching the wave of hate pile down on their favourite YouTuber, fans got to work defending Trisha's decision.

"Trisha Paytas was so real for giving her daughter a dope a** name," wrote one Twitter user.

"MALIBU BARBIE? Are you kidding me lol. ICONIC," raved a second.

A third claimed: "Trisha Paytas naming her daughter 'Malibu Barbie' is iconic as f***."

And a fourth tweeted: "I am so jealous of Trisha Paytas' baby… like her name is literally Malibu Barbie."

This is the second time that Trisha's baby has gone viral - and at just a few weeks old.

Before Malibu was born, rumours spread like wildfire that Trisha had gone into labour on the same day as Queen Elizabeth II's passing.

Jokes about Trisha's baby being the reincarnation of the late monarch quickly did the rounds, before claims were made that Trisha had decided to name her baby 'Elizabeth' as a tribute to the Queen.

It got so out of control that a heavily pregnant Trisha had no choice but to get on Instagram shut down the wild rumours once and for all.

"Well this is awkward... to have to announce that I’m still VERY much pregnant and have NOT given birth," she wrote.

"I almost felt sad yesterday to tell people this. The internet is a weird place. I don’t know how any of those rumours started or why?

"Sorry to the Royal Family and my baby. Felt weird to say anything at all. But so many people IRL that we know, had been texting and calling about this. Including my dad who felt out of the loop as if I wouldn’t text him when I was going into labour."

She concluded: "Condolences to the Royal Family. It’s very disheartening to hear of the Queen’s passing."

Featured Image Credit: trishapaytasbackup/Instagram

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