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Stacey Solomon's stance on the Royal Family is going viral following the Queen's death

Stacey Solomon's stance on the Royal Family is going viral following the Queen's death

The four-year-old clip has gone viral again

Stacey Solomon's famous stance on the royal family has gone viral once again following the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

The popular clip from a 2018 episode of Loose Women showed Stacey questioning her co-stars' love for the royal family, admitting that she didn't get "why we're so obsessed with these humans."

You can watch the clip here:

When the episode first aired, the Loose Women panellists had been discussing a public appearance from Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, but Stacey struggled to join in on the discussions.

Questioning her co-stars Christine Lampard, Linda Robson, and Jane Moore, Stacey pointed out: "I don’t get why we’re so obsessed with these humans that are exactly the same. It could be us four sitting there, I just don’t get it."

When Jane admitted that the royals were starting to become more like celebrities, Stacey countered: "To me, that’s all they are."

Later on in the widely-circulated clip, she added: "It’s freezing cold outside and people are homeless and these people have houses to spare and it does sometimes become a little bit frustrating because I don’t see the purpose of all that money going to this entire family."

The clip resurfaced earlier this year, amid the Platinum Jubilee celebrations, and has now done so again, as the nation mourns Queen Elizabeth.

A clip of Stacey Solomon criticising the royal family has gone viral again.
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When the short video was re-published by The Left Wing Society, people took to Twitter to debate the topic. While some criticised Stacey's bold statement, others admitted that they had to agree.

"I won't allow a bad word to be said about Stacey Solomon," wrote one viewer, defending the presenter. "She articulated a valid, widely held viewpoint. It's not malicious and more importantly, these comments were unearthed from 2018. They weren't made in the aftermath of the Queen's death."

A second agreed: "There IS no point to the royal family because their role can be performed by any elected head of state instead. Which would be far more democratic, and far cheaper. So Stacey Solomon is absolutely correct."

Meanwhile, a third user tweeted: "I will never let anyone say a bad thing about Stacey Solomon, she said what everyone was thinking."

Queen Elizabeth II passed away on Thursday 8 September at age 96 in Balmoral, following a 70-year reign.

The Queen's son, Charles, will now become King Charles III, while his wife Camilla will become the Queen Consort.

As well as Charles and Camilla's new titles, Prince William, who was the Duke of Cambridge, is now the Duke of Cornwall and Cambridge and is expected to become the Prince of Wales after Charles' coronation.

The Queen's funeral will be held on Monday 19 September, and will be marked as a national bank holiday.

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