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Scarlett Moffatt left terrified after stranger attempted to kidnap her at station

Scarlett Moffatt left terrified after stranger attempted to kidnap her at station

The former Gogglebox star has revealed a man told her she was going home with him.

Scarlett Moffatt has been left in tears after a man waited for her at a train station and demanded she come home with him. Watch Scarlett's video below:

The former Gogglebox star, 31, tearfully recounted the unsettling incident in a series of Instagram Stories on Wednesday (31st August).

Scarlett was clearly shaken by the ordeal after the stranger said he had been waiting for the reality star at King's Cross Station and shouted, 'You’re coming home with me.'

Addressing her 2.2 million followers, Scarlett began: "Right, I’m going to do this video, and not for attention or anything like that.

"Firstly I want to say a massive thank you to Neil and Danny who work for LNER (London North Eastern Railway), because it is not in your job description to walk me all the way to me hotel and I really, really appreciate it and I hope that… I’m going to tag LNER so that they can see this because honestly, I don’t know what I would have done without you's."

Scarlett Moffatt shared her location on Instagram.

Earlier in the day, Scarlett had posted an Instagram Story saying that she was en-route to London, which revealed her location.

She said: "I’m doing this so that people realise the importance of using social media and not always posting where you are. I stupidly, naively posted an Instagram saying, ‘Off to London on the train’ and when I got into King’s Cross station there was a guy there – oh sorry, hang on..."

After composing herself off-camera, she continued: "I think, because Danny and Neil were there, I stayed calm.

"But this guy came at me and was saying, ‘Scarlett, I’ve been waiting for you. You’re coming home with me.’ And then I said, ‘Oh no, thank you’ and walked off. And then he followed me and was like, ‘Scarlett, Scarlett, you’re coming home with me. I’m taking you home with me.’

Scarlett discussed the terrifying incident on Instagram.

"And then luckily the train guard’s seen us, because it was just outside King’s Cross station, and then was like, ‘Come over here! Oh, Scarlett, hiya!’, pretended that I was like with them, and then walked me to my hotel."

Scarlett decided to use the scary moment as a warning to social media users to avoid sharing their exact locations online.

"I think it’s just hit us how actually scary that was. But I want to say to you's, do not post [where you are], you don’t know who’s looking at your stories.

"But I want to post a picture of Danny and Neil, the absolute legends that they are. I’m actually going to post this picture tomorrow because I’ve realised that you can probably tell what hotel I’m in by posting it. Oh my word, I’ve never even thought of this before."

She ended her video with the message: "Please, people, be careful what you’re posting."

Scarlett emphasised her warning in a comment shared with Tyla. "I think we forget that social media is still real life and even though it can be a really fun place to be and share experiences we really need to be careful with how much personal information we are giving out and to try not to post where we are in real time," she said.

Tyla has reached out to LNER for comment.

Featured Image Credit: @scarlettmoffatt/Instagram

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