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'Men Don't Hire Me': Sandra Oh On The Importance Of All-Female Production Teams

'Men Don't Hire Me': Sandra Oh On The Importance Of All-Female Production Teams

Sandra Oh talks to Tyla about the all-female teams behind her latest projects.

Sandra Oh is a busy woman these days. From lending her voice to Pixar's latest motion picture Turning Red to promoting the highly-anticipated final season of Killing Eve, the actress has never been more in-demand.

Turning Red has created Pixar history in more ways than one. Not only does the film break new ground in its bold and unapologetic discussion around puberty and coming of age, but it was built by the animation studio's first all-female creative leadership team.

Meanwhile, the BAFTA Award-winning Killing Eve boasts an impressive all-female writing team, including Speaking to Tyla, Sandra Oh noted that this common thread has had on her latest projects, is "absolutely to be noticed, absolutely to be celebrated."

Sandra Oh stars in Turning Red alongside Rosalie Chiang. (

"I’m happy that it clearly has been an influence on this project and on Killing Eve," she shared.

And what influence might that be?

"Probably this: The fact that both of those projects only and solely focus on a woman or a girl’s experience - or two women’s experiences. The choice to focus on women’s stories. That's the biggest difference."

Stopping to think for a moment, she added: “I don’t want to not celebrate it. Men don’t hire me! That's the truth, men don't hire me."

In Turning Red, Sandra voices Ming Lee, the high-strung yet kind-hearted mother of tweenager Mei Lee (Rosalie Chiang).

Ready to take on her teen years with her three best friends, Mei quickly finds herself torn between remaining her mother's obedient daughter and giving in to the emotional chaos that comes with turning 13.

The new Pixar film hits Disney plus on Friday 11th March. (

Trying to navigate hormones for the first time is difficult enough, but things get even more awkward for Mei Lee when she wakes up one morning to find she has turned into a big red panda thanks to a secret family curse.

If she can't keep her emotions in check, Mei Lee will transform from girl to red panda in an instant - and that won't work if she wants to see her favourite boyband 4*town in concert.

The film is a must-see for Disney fans of all ages, providing proper belly laughs, a stellar new animation style, and some pretty enlightening life lessons, too.

No matter what age you are going into Turning Red, we're certain you'll shed a tear, and we absolutely guarantee you'll be blasted back to the cringiest parts of your awkward teen years, even if you're a flawless Hollywood actress.

Sandra plays  Mei’s protective, if not slightly overbearing mother, Ming.(

Sandra told Tyla: "I think my biggest memory is not having control of your feelings and the lifelong journey of embracing it, accepting it, and learning how to manage it. And I want to tell everyone: It doesn’t stop! You’re going to have to continue managing your red panda throughout your life."

Turning Red goes where no Pixar film has gone before, sparking open conversations about puberty, periods, and hormones, as well as the balance of honouring family traditions and finding your own path.

"These are conversations that I feel we absolutely need to have" Sandra Oh tells Tyla.

"Many of us who grew up in Asian communities, or were children of immigrants, have to set your own way while the love and traditions of your family are trying to keep you with them. And so, for me, I felt like this gave voice to a certain struggle that I think many of us have.”

Turning Red will be available to stream on Disney+ from Friday, 11th March.

Featured Image Credit: Disney/BBC America

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