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Olivia Bowen Says A 'Trigger Warning' Is Needed When Describing Her Birth Story

Olivia Bowen Says A 'Trigger Warning' Is Needed When Describing Her Birth Story

The star welcomed her first child earlier this month.

Olivia Bowen has shared that the story of her son's birth should be accompanied by a 'trigger warning' after suffering complications during the delivery.

The Love Island star welcomed baby Abel Jacob Bowen with her partner Alex Bowen earlier this month, announcing the terrific news to fans with a beautiful post on Instagram of the happy family.

Olivia wrote at the time: "Abel Jacob Bowen, but you can call him AJ… The day our lives changed for the better 10/06/22.”

Just over a week after bringing baby AJ home, Olivia hosted a Q&A with her followers to answer all their burning questions about motherhood, revealing that things hadn't exactly been smooth sailing for her.

After being asked how the birth went overall, Olivia prefaced her answer by explaining: "This may need a written out answer that I need a bit more time to do. It wasn't without complications. I will write a birth story but it will come with a trigger warning as I wouldn't say it was hugely positive."

Focusing on the up-side for the time being, she continued: "He's here & we're both healthy & that's the main thing.

"I worry about sharing a birth story that is maybe a little daunting so it will come with a strict trigger warning beforehand as I don't want my experience to effect [sic] anyone. I will share soon as it wasn't all bad."


Pressing for further details, another fan asked Olivia if she had an episiotomy - a procedure in which the doctor or midwife makes a cut between the vagina and the anus to help with child delivery.

Olivia confirmed: "After everything else, I ended up having an episiotomy with forcep delivery in the theatre.

"It wasn't how I imagined but we were so grateful he was just out safely. I'll go into more detail soon."

Elsewhere in her fan Q&A, Olivia revealed that baby Abel was born weighing 8lbs 1oz, as well as her thoughts on breastfeeding, how she came up with Abel's name, and the details of her 'baby blues.'

She also shared how her partner Alex had been doing since Abel's birth, writing: "He is just the happiest bean. We are both tired but we just are in this little love bubble, it's been hard at times it feels like the nights & days roll into one but cherub won't be small for long so we're both soaking it up. He's just been amazing doing so much for us both."

Congratulations to the happy family!

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@oliviadbowen

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