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Olivia Attwood in floods of tears after woman screamed at her during dog walk

Olivia Attwood in floods of tears after woman screamed at her during dog walk

Olivia was in tears as she explained what happened on her Stories.

Olivia Attwood was left in tears after a terrifying incident which occurred while walking her dogs Lola and Stitch in the park on Thursday (30 November).

Olivia, 31, took to her Instagram Stories while sitting in her car, explaining to followers what had happened.

You can watch the video below:

In the clip, Olivia began by explaining that she never usually cries, but she'd had an 'awful' incident while in the park with her dogs.

Sobbing hysterically, she explained: "I literally just had the most awful experience. I can't believe what people are actually like.

"I was just in the park with the dogs and there was a cockapoo and Lola's gone over to say hello. They were all wagging tails - no issue.

"I've never had an issue with my dog. I have one of the best behaviours in the country. She wouldn't be off-lead if she was a problem. I was walking over, the woman lunged in and picked up her dog for no reason.

"Obviously it freaked Lola out so Lola obviously gives it a bark but didn't f**king bite, didn't make any contact with the dog or the woman."

Olivia was upset in her Instagram Stories.

Olivia explained that the woman turned around and started hurling abuse at her.

She said: "She turns around to me and is like: 'You're a f**king crazy b**ch. I know who you are - you're that f**king b**ch off the telly. You're that f**king psycho who come off Love Island.'

"She's saying I'm a psycho, like every expletive under the planet. Obviously because she screamed, and I've got a rescue dog, Lola was then freaked out.

"Lola was then doing laps, so I was trying to get hold of Lola and this woman was just like screaming."

She also added that as the incident was unfolding, instead of helping, a number of passersby simply filmed on their phones instead.

And when Olivia did get back towards the car park, she explained that a man had started to follow her.

"I get the dogs and I'm going back to the car park and a middle aged man, like 60s, follows me across the car park," she continued.

"I was thinking: 'Is he going to his car? What's he doing?' He gets up behind me and goes: 'I know who you are.' I said: 'What's your point, what's my dog done? It's barked at another dog.'

"He was going: 'Your f**king dogs are disgusting'. I have never in my life let anyone speak to me like that but it's the f**ked up thing about being in this industry sometimes. You feel like you can't defend yourself."

Olivia told her followers what had happened.

Olivia then questioned whether the incident would have happened if she were with her fiancé Bradley Dack.

"Very unlikely. The sad reality of being a woman on her own," she added.

Olivia rescued Lola two years ago and has since rescued a second pup, Stitch.

Featured Image Credit: @oliviajade_attwood/Instagram

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