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Kerry Katona apologises to Molly-Mae over baby name comment

Kerry Katona apologises to Molly-Mae over baby name comment

She said after reflecting on her comments she realises they may seem 'harsh'

Kerry Katona has issued a public apology to Molly-Mae after comments she made over her daughter Bambi’s name.

The former Atomic Kitten star took to Instagram Stories, where she admitted that she was trying to be funny when she made the comments, but has since reflected and realised she may have come across a bit ‘harsh’. You can see her apology here:

Mum-of-five Kerry criticised Molly-Mae and Tommy Fury’s choice of name in an article for OK! Magazine, suggesting that little Bambi may get picked on for her unusual moniker when she’s older.

Kerry wrote: "Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury announced the birth of their daughter last week. It’s lovely news, but I must admit I’m not a fan of the name. I think Bambi Fury sounds a bit ridiculous.

"It reminds me of the Disney film where the mother gets shot! The poor kid might get some stick in school.

"If they haven’t registered the name yet, maybe they should consider changing it. But each to their own…"

However, it appears that Kerry now feels bad about what she wrote and has tagged Molly-Mae in an apology on Instagram.

Hague & Fury's daughter, Bambi in her beautiful nursery.

In two clips uploaded to the platform, Kerry said: “So I just want to say a massive apology to Molly-Mae, because I saw my column the other day and… I think I’m dead funny, but I’m actually not always that funny.

“Molly-Mae shouldn’t even listen to what I’ve got to say, whatsoever.

“Bambi Fury, first of all, no one is ever going to forget the name. It sounds like a star’s name. It’s unique. It’s beautiful. It’s very, very cute, actually, and you can shorten it by calling her Bam-Bams.

“My opinion doesn't matter, at all. The reason why it was in my column was because I got asked to talk about it and when I read it back it came across really harsh. It’s a little baby for God’s sake, Kerry.

“I thought I was being funny but I wasn’t so I'm going to hold my hands up and I just want to apologise massively.

Kerry has apologised and said the name is ‘very, very cute’.

"It’s not up to me what you call your baby, Molly. And she’s absolutely beautiful.”

In a follow-up, Kerry added: "Yeah it's really played on my mind this has, I personally haven't seen any backlash from what I said, but when I saw it in my column I thought bloody hell Kerry! That sounds a bit harsh!

"I was trying to be a comedian and sometimes when you mix the two it doesn't come across very well.

"Bambi Fury is a great name! Since I said it, it's really, really, really played on my mind. I would never want to bring anybody down.

"I would never want to bully anybody or hurt anybody. I'm not that kind of person in the slightest.

"Sometimes I'll say something that I think is funny and it actually isn't.”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram / Kerry Katona / Molly Mae

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