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Molly-Mae takes out extensions and shows her 'real hair' ahead of giving birth

Molly-Mae takes out extensions and shows her 'real hair' ahead of giving birth

Molly-Mae has shown off her natural locks.

Molly-Mae Hague has shown off her natural locks for the first time after taking out her extensions in preparation for her daughter's birth.

In her latest vlog, Molly-Mae, 23, updated fans on how her body has been changing as she gets closer to her due date.

The former Love Island star explained that, as well as rocking that gorgeous baby glow, her natural hair had improved during the pregnancy.

"As I said in my last vlog, I have actually had my extensions taken out now so I have a full head of natural hair.

"Now that I don't have my extensions in and I have the time, before I don't have the time, I want to be putting hair masks in."

While Molly-Mae was thrilled to see her hormones working to improve her natural hair, she was worried about the long-term impacts.

"My natural hair is definitely getting a lot better and I do think pregnancy has done favours for it," she said.

"But unfortunately my hairdresser Jack, my hair stylist, told me that if your hair has improved through pregnancy then it sometimes means that you're going to suffer more when baby is born through post-partum hair loss.

Molly-Mae is rocking her natural hair.

"So I don't know, obviously I'll keep you guys updated with that."

Yikes, that doesn't sound ideal.

Hopefully it all works out for Mol, but at least she'll always have the extensions.

Elsewhere in the vlog, Molly-Mae showed off her baby bump, revealing that her little one already weighs 7lbs.

"We're big! We're large and in charge!" she joked.

"We had a hospital appointment the other day, for one of my final checkups, and the doctor said that baby is already nearly seven pounds.

"So we said that when he thinks I will be pushing her out, she reckons that it's going to be a good eight pound baby. But at the same time, these estimations, I've been told to really not pay that much attention to them."

Molly-Mae regularly updates her followers with snaps from her pregnancy.

Earlier this week, Molly-Mae clapped back at trolls who have told her that her bump is too big.

"To me it looks like how I would expect my bump to look full term," she said, after relaying the story to her subscribers.

"If anything, I thought it would look a little bit bigger. But yeah, this is me."

Back in December, Molly-Mae told fans that her baby was due in the next four weeks - so we can expect baby Fury pretty much any day now.

Time really flies when you're creating a little human inside of you!

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/@mollymae9879 Instagram/mollymae

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