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Mark Wright hits back at claims he and Michelle Keegan don't spend time with one another

Mark Wright hits back at claims he and Michelle Keegan don't spend time with one another

He's said they spend plenty of quality time together, even if they don't post about it online

Mark Wright has hit back at claims he and his wife Michelle Keegan don’t spend time together, explaining that just because he doesn’t post about it, doesn’t mean the couple aren’t together.

The former The Only Way Is Essex star tied the knot with actor Michelle in 2015 - three years after they started dating.

In a recent interview Mark, 36, has admitted to feeling baffled by claims the couple don’t a lot of time together and insisted that they do, but more low key and doesn't spend time taking snaps and posting about it online. Fair enough, if you ask me.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Mark said: “Do you know what whenever there's a picture of us together people will say ‘rare picture of Mark and Michelle’ or ‘Mark and Michelle reunite after time apart’, we just don't tell everyone when we do spend quality time together.

“I could be in the house with Michelle for two weeks, but no one will know that because I'm not necessarily posting about it. We spend plenty of quality time together and we've had plenty of weekends away. We have got stuff booked up.

Mark Wright and his wife Michelle Keegan.

“We spend quality time together just like any other relationship and I'm not just saying that... we genuinely do.”

In fact, the pair are currently enjoying the sunshine on a break in Ibiza together. The couple have both had busy work schedules lately with Mark filming his A Wright Family Holiday, while Michelle was working on the BBC drama series Ten Pound Poms.

As well as making sure he spends quality time with his wife, Mark also opened up about getting the chance to spend more time with his dad Mark Snr and brother Josh, 33, while filming A Wright Family Holiday, which gave the trio a chance to talk properly and reconnect.

Mark says the couple spend plenty of quality time together.

He told the publication: “We went away for a month, and we travelled all over the UK, Scotland, Northumberland, the Peak District, Cornwall, Skegness, and Snowdonia, but it was incredible.

“We haven't had a holiday together in 20 years. We aired things we all needed to air because we're all quite proud men but there's a moment Josh gets very upset and reveals to us, he hasn't been feeling great, he needed to get that off his chest and he did.

“We probably aired more in that one month than we have our entire lives.”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@wrighty_

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