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Maisie Smith defends 13-year age gap with boyfriend Max George

Maisie Smith defends 13-year age gap with boyfriend Max George

Maisie Smith and Max George did their first joint interview as a couple on Loose Women

Maisie Smith has defended the 13-year age gap with boyfriend Max George.

Featuring on Loose Women in their first joint interview as a couple, the pair made their intentions clear to the panel.

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Maisie, 21, and Max, 34, both met on the Strictly Come Dancing tour in 2021 and have been loved up ever since.

However, the pair say they've been criticised for dating one another and Maisie opted to clear things up.

Talking to the panel, she said: "The people that we allow in our lives are happy.

"Mam has never seen me so happy. That’s all that matters to me."

Max agreed: "It's a shame when headlines are written, I think they are trying to make it look like I've done something wrong.

"And I find that a little bit sad they do that, because it kind of drives people to jump on that."


Explaining the dynamics of their relationship, Maisie explained: "We've known each other for two years he's always been a good friend. I always get nervous for interviews.

"I remember I was pacing, thinking 'what if I could go blank?'. He was the only person who could zen me. We've always had a nice bond and trust."

Max also spoke about the decision to go 'social-media official'.

He said: "Speculation drove that more than we would have at the start, but once it was out there, we do everything out here, it was kind of like it's out there.

"If we do something we may as well put it out there because there is nothing we don't do."

Showing off the tattoo of Maisie on his arm, Max joked that he 'went in at the deep end'.

"It’s only little though," he jokes.


Maisie said: "I made sure he picked a nice picture. I was not turning round and it was some dodgy candid photo he’d taken of me, I picked the photo."

Asked if she would return the favour with a matching tat, Maisie said: "Yeah…maybe. It’s just under construction at the minute!"

"I wouldn’t wanna look at me on you," Max replied.

The pair also discussed their living arrangements, with Maisie saying: "We're going to live in London, he's got somewhere in Manchester which I'm doing up.

"I'm doing a tour at the moment for Strictly Ballroom. At Christmas we're in Guilford, so I'm gonna drag Max and my family and we're gonna stay in a cabin.

"I bought a little tree from pound land and we're going to make it really nice."

Featured Image Credit: ITV / @maxgeorge/ Instagram

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