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The Parent Trap’s Lisa Ann Walter reveals bizarre connection her real-life twins have with the film

The Parent Trap’s Lisa Ann Walter reveals bizarre connection her real-life twins have with the film

What are the chances?!

The Parent Trap star Lisa Ann Walter has revealed an uncanny real-life connection between her personal life and the movie.

The Parent Trap was a staple childhood flick for many of us, adapted from a remake of a 1961 film of the same name.

Starring Dennis Quaid and Natasha Richardson as parents to twins Hallie and Annie, the blockbuster acted as a stepping stone in Lindsay Lohan's career.

In case you need a refresher, the movie focused on a set of separated twins who had no idea the other one existed before they discovered each other at a summer camp.

After making the shocking discovery, Hallie and Annie plot a riveting plan to reunite their parents once and for all.

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Actor Lisa Ann, who starred as Chessy in the rom-com flick, has since spoken out about her unusual real-life connection to the beloved '90s movie.

Lisa Ann has twin sons in real- life who happen to be born on 11 October.

Why is this significant? Weirdly, it's the same birthdate as the twins in the movie.

Ann appeared on the Hi Jinkx! podcast where she recounted that she called the movie's director Nancy Meyers and joked: "What hex did you put on me?"

She also revealed to drag queen host Jinkx Monsoon that her twins are identical just like those in the film, explaining: "I mean, it's weird!".

Lisa Ann Walter.
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Meanwhile, in the movie, Lisa Ann and co-star Elaine Hendrix were portrayed as 'enemies', however, in real life, they share a long-term close friendship.

In fact, when Lisa Ann attended the Screen Actors Guild Awards this February, she brought Elaine along with her.

Elaine channelled Marlene Dietrich in a three-piece suit, where Lisa Ann shared her views during an interview with People magazine on the red carpet.

She said: "It’s the best-looking date in a tux I’ve ever had."

"Lisa Ann Walter asked me to show up as her date, so by golly, I showed up as her date," Elaine revealed.

59-year-old Lisa Ann donned a low-cut black flowing gown with loose curls on the red carpet.

She also told E! News recently: "Elaine Hendrix and I are best friends. We actually kind of did a self-adoption as sisters because we both lost our moms."

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