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Lewis Capaldi stops concert to help couple get engaged

Lewis Capaldi stops concert to help couple get engaged

People are flooding to TikTok to congratulate a couple after they got engaged on stage at a Lewis Capaldi concert

People are flooding to TikTok to congratulate a couple after they got engaged on stage at a Lewis Capaldi concert.

Catch the moment here:

Despite being the artist who's music we all go to when we've gone through a break-up and need a big, old cry, one man decided Scottish singer-songwriter Lewis Capaldi's concert was the perfect place to pop the question to his unsuspecting partner.

Capaldi even went so far to stop his Cardiff show - held on 1 February - mid-flow to get the now-soon-to-be bride up on stage.

And there's nothing TikTokers love more than a surprise proposal at a gig.

Lewis Capaldi stopped his concert in Cardiff to help someone propose.
Gary Mather/ Alamy Stock Photo

Up next to Capaldi and completely bewildered, the fan is asked by the singer if she knows why he's brought her up there.

She replies: "No, I'm going to f*****g die."

The singer jokingly responds: "Stephanie's going to die. So, Stephanie, basically, we've got Sam here, who wants to say something to you."

Cue raucous applause and screams from all other concert-goers.

Capaldi brought a woman named Stephanie up on stage.
@karahwatkins/ TikTok

Sam then proceeds to get down on one knee, Capaldi quick to jump in and double check Stephanie has, in fact, said yes.

The singer says: "What a beautiful moment. S**t imagine if you'd said no, f**k me."

Capaldi then congratulates the newly engaged couple before continuing on with the show.

Sam swiftly got down on one knee.
@karahwatkins/ TikTok

The video has since gone viral with viewers having flocked to the post in support of the singer for taking a moment out of the concert to help with the proposal and to congratulate the pair.

One user said: "One way to make sure she don't say no."

"They need to call their first child Lewis," another commented.

A third wrote: "I was here too, congratulations."

TikTokers have flooded to the post to congratulate the couple.
@karahwatkins/ TikTok

Elsewhere at the concert, a fight is reported to have broken out.

A Twitter user wrote: "#lewiscapaldi never disappoints, Cardiff gig was fantastic... A proposal and a fight again (must be a Cardiff thing)"

However, the concert-goer resolved: "But [Capaldi] sings to my soul and I can't wait for the next one."

Stephanie even spotted the video of the proposal on social media and thanked the TikToker for capturing the special moment on camera, asking for the footage to be sent to her.

Congratulations Stephanie, who can definitely get used to being someone Sam loves.

As for the rest of us singles, I'll just leave you with this Capaldi quote instead: "Whoever says money can't buy ye happiness has never ordered three takeaways in one day."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok /@karahwatkins

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