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Laura Anderson says she's 'definitely not' on good terms with ex Gary Lucy

Laura Anderson says she's 'definitely not' on good terms with ex Gary Lucy

Laura Anderson opens up about her relationship with ex Gary Lucy.

Laura Anderson has opened up about where she stands with ex-boyfriend Gary Lucy as they prepare to welcome a baby together.

Not long after Laura and Gary announced they were expecting their first child together, they confirmed that they had decided to go their separate ways. And now, Laura says there's no chance of them getting back together:

While doing a Q&A session with fans, Laura made it crystal clear that she and Gary had no plans to reconcile.

When one follower asked: "Are you on good terms with Gary?" Laura plainly replied: "Definitely not. No."

As certain as Laura is that she's not going to be getting back together with the Hollyoaks actor, the reality star is definitely struggling.

When another follower asked her how she was doing, Laura had to hold back tears.

"Aw that's so nice... oh my God, I feel like I'm going to cry," she admitted.

"Yeah, it's been a very stressful few months but the only way is up."

Despite the stress she has been under, Laura did confirm that she and Gary plan on making his kids from his first marriage to Natasha Gray a part of the new baby's life.

"One million percent," Laura said with a smile.


"Me and Gary's ex wife Natasha have already spoken about this and we're very excited for them to be half brother and sister."

Fans kept prodding and hoping for an explanation as to why Laura and Gary split, but Laura wasn't interested in getting into the finer details.

She said: "I really don't want to get into this, there's loads of reasons, you know, the truth always comes out in the end, whatever. But I definitely did not tell Gary to move to Scotland."

Laura was referring to an interview that Gary gave with The Sun, in which he claimed that Laura wanted him to move to Scotland where she lives, but he wanted to stay in England.

"I totally get the investment and the fact that people have watched us get together on a TV show, but it is edited, there is music on there, there were things left out," Laura later added.

"Even just Instagram and stuff like that, even more recently, things that have been posted... it's just not like that. I do appreciate the love from afar and the support but it's... things are not always what they seem."

Laura and Gary met last year on Celebs Go Dating and hit it off right away.

Viewers watched the pair fall for each other and, at first, it appeared like a match made in heaven.

But, as Laura says herself, things are not always what they seem.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@lauraanderson1x

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