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People think The Kardashians broke one Met Gala rule

People think The Kardashians broke one Met Gala rule

Kim Kardashian fans think she broke one of Anna Wintour's golden Met Gala rules

People are confused as to whether North West is at the Met Gala after she’s spotted heading to the event with her mother, Kim Kardashian.

Earlier this month, the rumour mill was in overdrive upon hearing that Vogue Editor-in-Chief, Anna Wintour, might be snubbing the Kardashian family and not inviting them to the Met Gala.

However, it seems like Kim and sisters Kendal and Kylie Jenner, all got their golden tickets as they’ve been spotted posing for the paparazzi on the steps of the Met this evening (May 1).

Kim stepped out onto the Met Gala carpet for the 10th time tonight wearing a custom Schiaparelli haute couture gown, which featured more than 50,000 freshwater pearls and 16,000 crystal pearls.

Alamy/Associated Press

Regarding her stunning dress, she told Vogue: “I wanted pearls. I thought, ‘What is more Karl?’ You know, the iconic Chanel pearls is what I always thought of. So we wanted to just be dripping in pearls.”

This year’s star-studded event pays homage to the late fashion mogul Karl Lagerfeld, with celebrities such as Kim, alongside Florence Pugh and Dua Lipa, all rising to the challenge of the ‘In Honour Of Karl’ theme.

However, it’s not the dress that has people across social media talking.

Instead, everyone is wondering whether Kim has broken one of Wintour’s Met Gala rules by letting her daughter North accompany her to the charity ball.

ALL ACCESS / Alamy Stock Photo

As of 2018, the rule that Met Gala attendees have to be 18 or older has been in place. This is due to the controversial implications of 2018’s ‘Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination’ theme.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the age limit was imposed because 'it’s not an appropriate event for people under 18.'

The speculation comes after North was spotted in New York City with her mum earlier this week, and was even seen getting in the car with Kim to head to the event.

Fans thought that Wintour could make an exception to the age restriction for North, with one writing: “Honestly I’m inclined to believe if there was any child Anna would make an exception to her 18+ rule at the Met Gala [for] it’s North West who she’s known since birth.”

However, another disagreed and said that Wintour should stand firm on enforcing her rules: “We better not see North West at the Met Gala, remember how it’s 18+ and Anan doesn’t even allow people who are 17?

“Like, just because she’s Kanye’s and Kim’s daughter you better not change the rules.”

However, it seems that not even the powerful Kardashian family can bend the Met Gala rules, as Kim appeared on the carpet alone, and it is confirmed that North West did not walk.

Featured Image Credit: Associated Press / Alamy

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