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Katherine Ryan hits back at trolls after being mum-shamed

Katherine Ryan hits back at trolls after being mum-shamed

Katherine Ryan has hit back at trolls targeting her on Instagram

Comedian Katherine Ryan has hit back at trolls after being mum-shamed online.

Like many that have just had a new child, pictures upon pictures are taken to ensure that memories from those first few weeks and months are not forgotten.

And in 2023, a lot of people post them to social media sites such as Instagram to share with fans, family and friends.

Stand-up comic Ryan is no different, as she has posted many snaps to her own Instagram of her newborn daughter Fenna Grace, who she welcomed with her partner Bobby Kootstra in December.

But in a recent post, Ryan has faced a bit of criticism, as she posed with her newborn with a glass of what appeared to be wine, while also breastfeeding.

Many slammed the comedian for drinking while breastfeeding.

In this particular post, Ryan shared many photos, including holding her newborn on the bus and wholesome family days out.

But it was the wine breastfeeding picture that gained the most attention, with some jumping to conclusions and attacking the comedian for drinking while still breastfeeding.

One person said: "With all due respect drinking & breastfeeding is the same as drinking while pregnant!"

However, Ryan responded saying: "With all due respect, you’re speaking out of your a**."

A second person remarked: "Enough with the wine drinking whilst still breast feeding."

Meanwhile, a third added: "Is that a glass of Sauvignon with breakfast?"

But Ryan quickly hit back at all the trolls that had presumed the worst with the snaps.

Replying to another jab, she said: "My small children are smart enough to slowly explain to you why it’s fine."

The debate surrounding drinking alcohol while breastfeeding is a conflicted one, with it pretty even on who is on what side.

Ryan has since responded to the trolls.

Research shows that around five to six percent of the amount of alcohol in the mum's bloodstream would enter the baby's from breastfeeding.

One mum who does drink while breastfeeding is Lauren McLeod, from Perth, Australia.

Speaking to Tyla last month, the mum said: "I just want breastfeeding people to know that if they want to enjoy the occasional drink while breastfeeding, it’s okay to do that.

"There are a lot of misconceptions about drinking alcohol while breastfeeding, so I always encourage breastfeeding people to do their own research from credible sources, so that they can make an informed decision about whether it is something they feel comfortable doing, or not."

Featured Image Credit: @kathbum/ Instagram

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