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Mum hits back at trolls who shamed the meals she's feeding her children

Mum hits back at trolls who shamed the meals she's feeding her children

A mum has hit back at her critics on TikTok who shamed her for cooking well-priced meals

A mother has been cruelly mum-shamed for what she feeds her children on a budget.

TikToker Nikki - who has lived in a council estate all of her life - says she should not be shamed for doing so. In a recent post, the mum revealed how she'd spent just £10 in Aldi to create lunches for four people for a week. Watch below:

The video shows Nikki whip out chorizo pizza wraps, homemade chips, a jacket potato and beans, alongside fish finger sandwiches.

What's not to like?

While the majority in the comments section were loving the family-friendly content, one mindless troll wrote: "Vile browny orange c**p. At least chuck a few apples, cucumber, peas or carrots in.

"It's a bit council."


Hitting back at the comment in another video, Nikki said: "A lot of people live on council estates and live in council houses, I have all of my entire life - it doesn't make anyone less of a person, less worthy of anything.

"I do hate when people use this term - 'it's a bit council' - as if it's automatically a degrading thing.

"As if everyone who lives in a council property or lives on a council estate are less worthy of things or are worse than everybody else.

"And it's just not the case.

"And it just irritates me so much that everybody gets a name for themselves based on where they grew up.

"A lot of people do not have the option where they're born or brought up."


She continued: "So to use the term as if it's degrading another person that doesn't want to live like that anyway… you should have more sympathy and understanding rather than belittling struggling people that are just trying to do their best.

"If all a person can afford is £10 to make sure that them and their children are fed a lunch - one meal - every single day for an entire week, then that's an amazing parent, to make sure that they are fed.

"Yes, it might not be the most nutritious or the best quality but they are filling their bellies and some people that might have to go to food banks and get jars and tins, and non-perishable items, might not have the luxury of even going to pick what meals they want each week.

"I just really wish people would think about what they write before they actually start writing but I guess they don't care."

Couldn't agree more.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@dylandfyn

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