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Katherine Ryan admits she'll happily have glass of wine while breastfeeding

Katherine Ryan admits she'll happily have glass of wine while breastfeeding

Ryan has no time for mum-shamers.

Katherine Ryan has hit back at mum-shamers who criticised her for drinking a glass of wine while breastfeeding.

The comedian has just welcomed her baby girl Fenna and, just like every celebrity mum, she has felt the wrath of trolls who feel the need to tell her she's parenting wrong.

After Ryan shared a collection of photos to Instagram - one including a photo of her breastfeeding baby Fenna while holding what appeared to be a glass of wine in her hand - the backlash ensued.

The Comedian had a defiant response to some of her fans.

"Wow, drinking alcohol whilst breast feeding your baby, so not cool!!" one comment on the post reads.

"The slow way to get a kid drunk," a second snide comment added.

And a third warned her: "It is never ok to drink while breastfeeding. Alcohol content in the breastmilk equals the content in your blood. Why risk the health of the baby's brain? I'll never understand that."

When another person informed Katherine: 'With all due respect, drinking and breastfeeding is the same as drinking while pregnant"',

To this, Ryan replied: 'With all due respect, you're speaking out of your a**.'

Of course, not all of the comments were as harsh.

Many fans were thrilled to see the comic normalise breastfeeding in public and sparking a conversation around the once taboo move.

Ryan doesn't care about the trolls.
@kathbum/ Instagram

Asked if she cares about the backlash she's gotten online, Ryan told The Sun: “It doesn’t bother me at all. I’m going to be 40 this year and I just do whatever I want to do, regardless of anyone else’s opinion and I think I’ve been that way probably since I was about four."

She continued: “I would never put my children at risk and I certainly never drank while I was pregnant because it’s a different thing and blood alcohol is shared with the baby.

“But I think it’s important to open up a conversation about breast feeding and say that your breast milk is not made from the contents of your stomach and there’s less alcohol in it than there is in a banana.”

The debate on whether or not it's safe to drink alcohol while breastfeeding is still very much ongoing.

Research shows that around five to six percent of the amount of alcohol in the mum's bloodstream would enter the baby's from breastfeeding.

Ryan got some backlash over the photo.

Meanwhile, the NHS states that 'an occasional drink is unlikely to harm your baby especially if you wait at least 2 hours after having a drink before feeding.'

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/kathbum

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