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Fans think Jack Keating conceived his baby before his Love Island appearance

Fans think Jack Keating conceived his baby before his Love Island appearance

Keating had the baby eight months after his Love Island stint

Love Island fans think Jack Keating conceived his baby before his appearance on the ITV dating show.

Fans are convinced the baby must have been conceived before the star made his Love Island debut on season eight of the ITV show last summer

Love Island fans have done the maths and worked out that Keating, who appeared in the show last year, must have conceived his baby with artist Keely Iqbal before he made his debut.

The red haired 23-year-old, who is also the son of Irish star Ronan Keating, announced he is the new father to a baby girl, which he shared on Instagram yesterday (10 March).

The star shared a black and white picture of himself cradling his newborn, as he wrote: "Welcome to the world my little [princess emoji]."

Jack Keating announced the baby's birth yesterday.

The news comes just eight months after the star made his appearance in the Love Island villa via Casa Amor before he was sent packing just five days later.

So working out the maths, fans think Jack must have fathered the baby before he went looking for love on the reality dating show.

Love Island fans who have worked out the dates were quick to jump into the new father’s social media post on Instagram to ask for some answers.

One follower commented: "I know I’m bad at maths, but the math ain’t mathing on this at all!!! Love Island isn’t even 9 months ago yet. I mean I know accidents happen but….”

Another asked: "So did he have a gf when he was in Love Island correct me if I'm wrong it said he was in the villa 8 months ago and a baby takes 9?!"

“So I don't understand why Love Island???” said another.

Jack Keating only lasted five days on Love Island.

On Twitter the questions kept coming, as one Love Island viewer tweeted: “So Jack Keating 'failed to find love' in Love Island 8 months ago, and he's had a baby that takes 9 months! Why was he there when she was already pregnant?”

Another shared: “So I just read that Ronan Keating's son Jack Keating just had a baby.

"Now that man was on #loveisland 8 months living it up on casa amor. That would have been awkward if he hooked up with one of the girls.”

However some fans have leapt to Jack’s defence and told others to ‘mind their own business’.

One protective follower wrote: “Omg some of the comments on here are unbelievable. Jack's business, his baby just congratulate or say nothing #bekind.”

Another agreed, as they said: “Some of these comments is ridiculous leave the guy alone a little baby is a blessing and it's no one's business anyhow people need to mind their own… congratulations”.

Jack Keating's representatives declined to comment when approached by Tyla.

Featured Image Credit: @jackkeating11/Instagram/ITV

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