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Influencer criticised for 'checking into £635 a night hotel because heating was broken'

Ali Condon

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Influencer criticised for 'checking into £635 a night hotel because heating was broken'

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@lydiaemillen

An influencer has rather ironically landed herself in hot water after telling her followers that she was going to check into the Savoy Hotel because the heating was broken in her house.

Fashion and lifestyle influencer Lydia Millen decided to avoid the harsh winter weather by heading to a pricey hotel in central London and, given the current climate, it didn't really go down well. Have a look for yourself:


"The heating is currently broken in my house, so I’m heading down to London and I'm going to check into The Savoy and make full use of their wonderful hot water", she says in the now-deleted TikTok.

She then spent the rest of the video detailing which luxury outfit she would be wearing for her trip.

"And that is my outfit for the day, I’m off to warm up," she concluded. "Let me know what you think in the comments."

And boy oh boy, did people let her know what they thought.

It wasn't long before Lydia's video was flooded with messages from furious viewers informing her just how thoughtless they found her video.

People told her stories about their own heating troubles at home and pointing out that, especially in the current cost of living crisis, most people didn't have the luxury of packing their bags and strutting off to The Savoy for the night.

According to The Savoy's website, a room for the night will set you back a minimum of £635.

And if you're looking for anything more than their most basic room, you could be looking at anything between £700 and £15,000 per night. Yes, really.

So, it's pretty obvious why Lydia's content didn't really land well with those who have resorted to wearing two extra jumpers every night.

Responding to Lydia's controverial video, which is now being referred to as 'Savoygate', one person said: "I think what Lydia needs to understand is that TikTok is different to YouTube and Instagram... your content is constantly pushed out to people that may not want to see it.

"In this particular instance with Savoygate, people wouldn't have even scrolled on by the time you've already offended them."

She added: "When something is so incredibly out of touch and, honestly, a bit irresonsible, I think you just need to bite the bullet, delete the video, make an apology, and move on. Otherwise it's just going to get worse."

Another TikToker also lashed out at Lydia, saying: "This has to be one of the most out of touch things I've seen an influencer post in my life."

Some disgruntled users have claimed that Lydia posted the video because she has a sponsorship deal with the Savoy, pointing to the influencers other TikTok videos and Instagram posts about the hotel.

Sponsorship or not, this video definitely wasn't the way to go.

Tyla has reached out to The Savoy and Lydia Millen for comment.

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Ali Condon
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