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Eurovision fans notice Hannah Waddingham changed outfit during show

Eurovision fans notice Hannah Waddingham changed outfit during show

The first-time Eurovision presenter wowed viewers with her stunning outfit changes

Hannah Waddingham changed outfits during the course of the Eurovision Song Contest and fans are obsessed.

We’re sure you’re aware, but Eurovision fever has swept the UK, and viewers have been on the edge of their seats tonight (13 May) watching the Grand Finale take place.

The singing competition is a way to celebrate each of the 26 participating countries' cultures, as well as try to win the heart of the continent (and maybe scoop a record deal if you’re lucky).

However, this year’s viewers have fallen in love with the Ted Lasso actor and her quick outfit changes while presenting the show.

During the course of the broadcasting, the 48-year-old wowed in a sparkling floor-length purple dress, which featured a flattering off-the-shoulder design and worked to extenuate the actor’s figure.

She also had her blonde hair styled loose, looking elegant.

Then, viewers spotted that the presenter had slipped into a stunning light pink bodycon number during the course of the evening.

The second dress featured a strapless neckline and a dramatic, over-the-top sleeve design.

Fans are in awe after Hannah Waddingham changes outfits during Eurovision.

The frock was studded with an all-over shimmering design and was complimented by a sophisticated updo.

Following the style change, Eurovision fans took to Twitter to hail Waddingham’s outfit choices as ‘fabulous’ as well as claim she is the ‘coolest woman in the history of the world’.

One fan tweeted: “Can whoever is dressing Hannah Waddingham be made Minister for Dresses or something as they actually seem to understand that some women are tall and have t**s and it’s like whoever made her outfits just actually likes women?”

Another wrote: “The outfit change Hannah Waddingham have mercy on me!”

The presenter swapped purple for pink during the competition's Grand Finale.

A third said: “12 points to Hannah Waddingham for her fabulous outfits/amazing looks tonight.”

While another admirer of the actor has perfectly summed up what she brought to the Eurovision table this year

They wrote: “Why is Hannah Waddingham the coolest woman in the history of the world. The hair. The outfits. The charisma. I want it all. Everything.”

However, one eagle-eyed Twitter user has found a hilarious similarity between Waddingham’s plunging rainbow gown that she wore to the semi-final and a Jim Henson creation.

They tweeted: “No way Hannah Waddingham and Janice [from The Muppets] wore two very similar outfits for this week. I love it here.”

As well as sparking delight with her various outfit changes, the star has also stunned fans with her fluent French-speaking abilities.

One fan took to Twitter to write: "I’m watching Eurovision for the first time and Hannah Waddingham is there??? And she’s speaking French???? They want me to explode.”

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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