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Stylist associated with Hailey Bieber slams Selena Gomez

Stylist associated with Hailey Bieber slams Selena Gomez

One associate of Hailey Bieber has totally laid into Selena Gomez

A stylist associated with Hailey Bieber has been accused of calling out Selena Gomez.

Both Selena and Hailey have been the brunt of much online speculation, following the alleged feud that began a few weeks back between the two stars.

In case you need a refresher, fans believe that Hailey took a dig at the singer after she spoke out about being body-shamed by trolls online, which the model denied.

And the rumours were also pushed by Selena's recent social media departure, where she announced that she was taking a break from her various online platforms.

Despite it being years since Justin and Selena split back in 2012, there have been constant rumours of some brewing tensions between her and Hailey.

Fans first accused Hailey of ‘stealing’ the 'Boyfriend' singer when he proposed to her just a matter of months after ending his eight-year on and off relationship with Selena.

Hailey has denied these claims and even appeared on Call Her Daddy podcast in 2022 to address them.

There's been constant rumours around an alleged feud between Hailey Bieber and Selena Gomez.
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She said: "I can say, period, point blank, I was never with him when he was in a relationship with anybody — that's the end of it."

Regardless, this hasn't stopped fans from drawing their own personal conclusions regarding the whole ordeal, especially after one person decided to publicly align themselves with Hailey.

Stylist Von Ford took no prisoners after posting a very stark statement to his Instagram story - which simply read: "I hate Selena Gomez."

The stylist posted a story that simply read: "I hate Selena Gomez."

The stylist then shared a screenshot that showed his first post had been taken down by Instagram due to 'harassment and bullying'.

Captioning the follow-up post, he wrote: "I said what I said," followed by an exclamation mark.

He has since made his Instagram account private, and many fans clocked that he and Hailey were somehow connected - even though the model doesn't follow him.

Von Ford had pictures of Hailey modelling his work on his account and had her listed as one of his official clients on his website.

His story got then got removed.

And many fans took to TikTok to share their views on the matter.

One user posted: "It’s always Hailey's friends."

"You can tell that all they do is talk about her [Selena]," a second added, while another posted: "These people have issues they are so pressed over Selena the hate be so real."

However, others attempted to defend Hailey through the whole ordeal.

Someone wrote: "We really can’t blame Hailey for this because honestly she has no connections to this guy right now.

"He might have styled her for, like, a magazine shoot but he is not her stylist," they added.

And someone else said the whole thing seemed like a 'reach'.

Neither Hailey or Selena have issued a comment on the incident so far.

Featured Image Credit: @hayleybieber/@SelenaGomez/Instagram

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