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Gemma Collins in tears as she visits birthplace of Jesus

Gemma Collins in tears as she visits birthplace of Jesus

The former TOWIE star was 'overcome with emotion' during her trip to Bethlehem

Gemma Collins was 'overcome with emotion' as she visited Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus. Watch the video below:

In true GC-style, the 41-year-old filmed herself with 'tears rolling down my face' during a trip to the historic site.

The former TOWIE star went on a festive trip to the historic site in Israel along with her fiancé Rami Awash and his son Tristan.

Gemma made her way to Bethlehem on New Year’s Day where she shared the experience with her 2.2 million Instagram followers.

“Guys, I am in the church in Bethlehem,” she says in her Instagram Story. “I have got tears rolling down my face. This is the most breathtaking, unreal experience of my life.

“The feeling here, you cannot describe it and it is just overwhelming with emotion. I hope everyone gets to experience this once in their life.”

Gemma filmed the crowds of the people who also visited the site.

Gemma touched the spot where Jesus was born.

“Everyone is queueing to see where Jesus was born,” she continued. “Just the feeling in here, the hairs stand on your end. It’s just… I’m breathless. Like, it is just so beautiful.

She then uploaded a photo of herself with her hand covering her mouth. “I was so overcome with emotion,” she wrote.

Sharing a photo of herself and Rami outside the Church of The Nativity, she thanked her fiancé for ‘the best present ever’.

The former Celebrity Big Brother contestant later posted a picture of herself touching the Holy Cave, a 14-point star which marks the exact place where Jesus was born.

Gemma was overcome with emotion.

She added the caption: “BETHLEHEM I can’t believe I’ve been so unbelievably lucky to have been where baby Jesus was born and touch the spot I am totally blown away and looking forward to my spiritual journeys in 2023.

“The feeling of this was like nothing I’ve ever felt before I can’t even describe what I felt in that moment I was totally blown away.”

Gemma's fans wished her a happy new year in the comments under her Bethlehem post. "Happy New Year Gemma,I had a trip there a long time ago.Its somewhere you'll never forget," gushed on follower.

"Bet that was magical," another fan wrote.

A third person wrote: "I’m so envious but in a good way , my whole life I have wanted to go there and is top of my bucket list ! I hope you had a wonderful time and that 2023 is kind to you."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@gemmacollins

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