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Gemma Collins' Fans Concerned For Her Safety After She Falls From Horse

Gemma Collins' Fans Concerned For Her Safety After She Falls From Horse

Gemma took quite a fall.

Gemma Collins's fans have expressed concerns after she took a serious tumble during her latest trip to the stables.

Watch below:

Gemma, 40, had been up on the saddle with her trainer by her side when she took the fall, as her fiancé Rami Hawash and son Tristan watched on from the sidelines.

The Towie star told her 2.2 million Instagram followers that she was determined to persevere with her new hobby despite the setback, writing: "I know I will master this, I can’t wait to continue with my lessons.

"It’s nice to have hobbies and again be out amongst nature."

Gemma's video has already had over 184,000 views and hundreds of comments.

The majority of her comments section were extremely supportive, encouraging the star to keep trying.

One fan wrote: "Aww bless you hope you’re ok; never ever give up."

Someone else commented: "I love The GC even more now."

Gemma took a tumble off her horse. (

A woman, who claimed to be a horse riding teacher, added: "You will find it so much easier to maintain your rhythm and keep your balance if you tuck the fingers of your inside hand under the front of the saddle to steady yourself.

"If you are being led it’s far safer for you as that fall could have been avoided. I say that with over 20 years teaching experience."

Another wrote: "Got to fall off 7 times before ur a good rider!!"

One follower commented: "Love this!!! All the best riders fall off! As [I've] always said to everyone “if you don’t want to fall off, don’t ride horses!”"

A second added: "Honestly this is why I love Gemma. She didn’t have to post this. The ability to laugh at yourself is an amazing thing. You have to fall off a number of times to be a great rider. Keep going lovely!"

"All us horse riders fall off, it's the getting back on and enjoying it! You go girl, you've got this!!" wrote a third.

We're loving all this positivity!

Fans were proud of Gemma and encouraged her to keep going. (

In an earlier video, Gemma told fans about her day at the stables, fully kitted out in her equestrian gear. She said: "Guys, we’re at the stables today.

"Got Ram up on a horse. Ram? I’ve just fallen off the horse, I’m gonna show you."

Asking Ram if he managed to capture the fall on video, Gemma insisted that she would be right back on the saddle, and wouldn't let her riding blunder get her down.

She captioned the video: "Horse life is just the one. Fallen off already but getting back up he he as always !! Thank you @natc29 @alexgeorgio for helping me."

Featured Image Credit: Gemma Collins

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