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Fans left 'confused' by Madonna's 'new face' at the Grammys

Fans left 'confused' by Madonna's 'new face' at the Grammys

Madonna's appearance at the Grammys had fans worried and confused

Fans of Madonna have been left confused and concerned after the singer made an appearance at the Grammy Awards with a 'new face'.

The music legend played a part in the Grammys as she introduced Kim Petras and Sam Smith onto the stage to perform 'Unholy', and some people couldn't help but comment on her appearance.

It's not the first time fans of Madonna have been worried about her, as some of her recent activity on social media has had them confused and concerned for her wellbeing.

Content of her licking water out of a dog bowl and other recent footage has had fans worried about her, with plenty simply unable to figure out what the motivations behind half of her posts are but sure it isn't good.

Madonna's appearance at the Grammys had some fans concerned.
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One person said 'who is this Madonna imposter' after spotting the singer at the Grammys, declaring 'that's not Madonna's voice or face'.

Someone else said Madonna had 'f**ked up her face', while another said they were 'attempting to ignore the fact that Madonna has a whole new face'.

Some chipped in to say the singer 'should have left her face alone after her last lift' and claimed she 'needs an intervention'.

Others defended Madonna, claiming the problem was 'an ageist society that thinks youth is far more important than embracing getting older', while someone else said she was 'still the most important woman in the music industry'.

Some viewers were left 'confused' as they claimed the singer had a 'new face' since the last time they saw her.
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Elsewhere at the Grammys opinion was split over whether Harry Styles deserved to win a gong for Album of the Year as some reckoned he'd earned it and others very much thought he shouldn't have got it.

Plenty reckoned that Adele or Beyoncé should have picked up the award but it ultimately went to Styles, though those two should also feel pretty chuffed at the awards they bagged up on the night.

Less controversial was Beyoncé making history by becoming the all time top Grammys winner after she picked up four awards and took her total number of wins to 32, meaning she has now surpassed Hungarian-British composer Georg Solti.

Meanwhile, Adele won everyone's hearts during her acceptance speech in the Best Pop Solo Performance category by dedicating the Grammy win to her son Angelo.

Her song 'Easy On Me' won the award and she declared that she 'just wanna dedicate this to my son Angelo' for being 'nothing but humble and gracious and loving to me the whole time'.

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