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Fans freaked out as Madonna posts bizarre video of her licking out of dog bowl

Fans freaked out as Madonna posts bizarre video of her licking out of dog bowl

Madonna posted a bizarre Instagram video that appeared to show her licking out of a dog bowl as she moved around on all fours

Fans are feeling freaked out after Madonna posted yet another bizarre video on Instagram – this time, it was a clip of her licking out of a dog bowl.

Madonna, 64, has shared a number of strange videos recently, including a number of topless photos.

But one of her latest videos was a short, blurry clip that showed the singer on all fours, bending over a dog bowl.

While the quality of the footage was low, she appeared to be licking out of the bowl, before an overhead shot saw her lying on the floor with her limbs splayed out.

She also posted a montage of photos, which included a snap of her lying on the floor beside the dog bowl, wearing a fluffy green top.

After the video was posted, many people couldn’t help but feel a bit unsettled.

Commenting on Twitter, one person wrote: “Why is Madonna licking a dog bowl? Kmt.”

Someone else said: “#Madonna shared another embarrassing & disturbing video on #Instagram where she licked water out of a dog bowl.”

Madonna appeared to be licking out of a dog bowl.

A third added: “WTF is going on with Madonna?”

Over on TikTok, the star recently took part in one of the social media platform’s latest trends, which saw her try to throw a pair of pink knickers into a trash can while the words: “If I miss, I’m gay,” flashed up on screen.

Madonna, who was rocking bright pink hair and standing in a luxury bathroom, half-heartedly threw her underwear towards the bin, but missed.

Many of her followers interpreted the clip as her coming out, with one person writing beneath the footage: “Did I just witness Madonna coming out? Good for her.”

Another added: “Welcome to the better side, queen,” while a third wrote: “I’m so happy for you!”

Madonna seemingly came out in a TikTok video on Sunday 9 October)

However, others were quick to say that Madonna, who has spoken openly about sexual fluidity in the past, had already come out as bisexual.

One person commented: “Y’all late she been on our team,” while a second echoed: “Madonna has been an out bisexual for literally decades my dudes.”

“Y'all Madonna has been out as bi longer than some of us have been alive,” added another TikToker.

The 'Vogue' hit-maker famously snogged Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards, but has never publicly dated a woman.

Back in August, Madonna also spilled the tea on her sex life in a Q&A video, saying her favourite snack is 'big d**k'.

Asked what her favourite snack was, she quipped: "I can't remember his name... oh, no! Big d**k."

For a lot of the questions, she simply gave the one-worded answer: "Sex".

Featured Image Credit: @madonna/Instagram

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