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Emma Willis has opened up about her initial reaction to her husband Matt's addiction relapse in 2016.

Musician Matt Willis, who rose to fame in iconic noughties pop-punk boyband Busted, has released a documentary which lifts the lid on his battles with alcohol and drug addiction.

In Matt Willis: Fighting Addiction, TV presenter Emma Willis reveals how her husband's addiction has affected the family and her role in helping support him, particularly around the time of his relapse in 2016.

Emma Willis opened up about her reaction to Matt's relapse in 2016.

After the birth of his and Emma's children, Matt went sober for eight years, however, when Busted performed in their reunion tour in 2016 - titled 'Pigs Can Fly - the 40-year-old used cocaine.

"After one of our shows, someone offered me a line of coke, and I was like, 'Oh, cocaine wasn’t a problem for me, alcohol was my downfall'.

"Within a month I was doing six grams on my own every f**king day and not coming home until three in the morning pretending I was working on an album, which I wasn’t really writing, I was making s**t music in the studio doing coke," Matt says in the documentary.

Emma has since revealed did 'kind of kick' herself 'a bit' after Matt relapsed.

Emma and Matt Willis married in 2008.
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She explained: "Because you're like how the f**k didn't I see that? All those key signs that I hadn't seen for so many years all coming back."

'Key signs' visible or not, Matt's relapse left Emma 'absolutely flabbergasted'.

"I couldn't believe it, I didn't expect it. I think because he'd done so well for such a long time, it was the last thing I thought. I didn't think it would get him again," she said.

Matt went sober for eight years after the pair had children.

Earlier this year, Busted confirmed they'll be making a comeback which is set to kick off in September.

Emma and Matt - who share three children - have been married since 2008.

She noted it may be 'very easy' for some people who aren't 'directly involved' to 'look in on [the] situation' and simply tell her to, 'Get out now'.

Emma resolved: "But when you're in it and you have that history together and you love someone so dearly, you're not going anywhere."

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