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Emma Willis speaks out on husband Matt Willis’ consuming addiction battle

Emma Willis speaks out on husband Matt Willis’ consuming addiction battle

Emma Willis has opened up about her experience reliving the details of her husband's battle with addiction while filming his documentary.

Emma Willis has opened up about her experience reliving the details of her husband Matt's battle with addiction while filming his documentary.

Matt Willis - co-founder and lead bassist of iconic noughties pop-punk band Busted - has struggled with alcohol and drug addiction since finding fame.

It's not been an easy road for the musician or his family - such as when Matt relapsed in 2016 - and its a journey his wife, TV presenter Emma, has had to relive during the filming of his BBC documentary Matt Willis: Fighting Addiction.

Emma Willis had to relive husband Matt's addiction battle in his BBC documentary.

On Wednesday, 17 May, Emma took to her Instagram to promote the documentary to her followers, as well as reflect on how the filming has affected her.

Taking six months to come together, the TV presenter and mum-of-three reflected how the programme began as 'a deep dive into the science around addiction' but 'along the way became entwined with Matt's own personal experience'.

"It looks at addiction, but also at the affect it has on loved ones, on families. It looks at the way it affected us."

The documentary looks at how Matt's addiction battles affected his family.

Despite both working in the public eye, Emma explains she and Matt have always tried to maintain a level of privacy which means they've been 'incredibly nervous' about the release of the documentary.

"Personally, it was tough to relive that period in our lives but it was also incredibly cathartic to talk through those dark days," Emma continues. "As humans we’re all imperfect, and we shouldn’t feel like we have to hide certain parts of ourselves to be loved. Ultimately it was our love and hard graft that have got us to where we are now."

Emma notes how much her husband 'amazes [her] everyday,' praising his 'resilience, strength and determination'.

"He is everything to everyone around him and it astounds me that he cannot see what we all see in him."

Emma admires Matt's 'resilience, strength and determination'.

Emma explains the documentary is a way for Matt to 'understand himself' and in doing so, 'help others struggling to do the same'.

"He hopes he encourages people to reach out and talk about addiction more, that he can change the way help is offered," the TV presenter continues.

Emma's post concludes: "In the doc he shares a piece from his gratitude journal and reads three sentences he always includes: 'I am not my thoughts. I am worthy of love. I am enough.'

"Matt, you’re more than enough and we love you."

Matt Willis: Fighting Addiction is currently available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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