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Demi Jones says Love Island fans helped her get cancer diagnosed

Demi Jones says Love Island fans helped her get cancer diagnosed

The reality TV star was diagnosed at 22 years old

Love Island star Demi Jones has told how fans noticed her cancerous lump on the show and urged her to get checked.

Despite not winning season six, Demi has become something of a fan favourite; she's down-to-earth, funny, and has spent her time since leaving the show raising awareness for cancer.

And, speaking to Tyla, she has candidly opened up about her health.

"Before cancer, and after cancer, your life is very different," the star, who was diagnosed with thyroid cancer aged 22, explained.

It's something no one expects to go through at such a young age, but as Demi points out, one in two people are now diagnosed with cancer.

"I was 22. So yeah, I remember seeing my friends going out. And I was really upset because I couldn't go out clubbing, sounds ridiculous and sounds so materialistic or whatever. But you just think oh, I'm young, life is happening to me, which is really sad. But honestly, it can happen to anyone."

Demi was diagnosed at 22-years-old.

Cancer can blindside you and those you love at any time — my best friend was diagnosed at 22, my cousin at 19 — it doesn't discriminate based on age.

And as I tell Demi this, she explains the importance of getting symptoms checked early: "I think my number one advice would be not to be frightened, because often, you know, you go to go get checked, and more so than anything, it's nothing, but it's good to get checked to make sure you stay on top of it if there were any changes. But definitely just to get it checked out as soon as possible."

And Demi did. Initially, she went to the doctor's office after noticing a lump on her neck after finishing university but was told it was nothing to worry about.

She went on to have a successful career after landing a spot on Love Island, with her personality beaming through and winning the hearts of viewers.

In fact, it was because of the show that Demi got the lump on her neck checked a second time: "Yeah, funnily enough, when I was actually on the show, I had a few people message me whilst I was on there, and said about that they noticed a lump on my neck, which is just crazy."

Demi came third on the ITV show.

"And obviously, when I got my phone back after the show, I saw the messages. And that's what really triggered me into being [like] okay, I really need to go back again is checked out again," she added.

This eventually led to her diagnosis and, thankfully, the star underwent treatment and got the all-clear in December 2021.

Still, she's keen to raise awareness, not just for herself but for her family and other young people out there; Demi's dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer after her lump prompted him to get checked.

Now, she wants to urge others to get checked early and to sign up for a nursing career with the health service that helped her so much.

The star got the all clear in December 2021.

As Demi explains: "It's important for people to get careers in the NHS. So you know, you can go to the doctors and the waiting times will be reduced because there's more people [and] there's more careers. So, hopefully, this whole NHS 'We Are The NHS' campaign really helps."

And, having seen how incredible the nurses were with my own best friend and cousin, caring for them in a way few could, it really is a worthwhile career.

You can find out more about NHS careers at

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/demijones1

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