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Love Island Fans Are Calling For Ofcom To 'Get Involved' After 'Heartbreaking' Game

Love Island Fans Are Calling For Ofcom To 'Get Involved' After 'Heartbreaking' Game

The 'Snog, Marry, Pie' game left the girls traumatised and had two boys apologise...

Love Island fans are calling for Ofcom to get involved after a 'heartbreaking' game of 'Snog, Marry, Pie' caused chaos on the reality show.

It saw the boys, in particular, take their frustrations out on Ekin-Su and Tasha for their perceived misdeeds in the villa, which did not go down well with fans. Watch below:

While Luca did go on to apologise to Tasha in tonight's episode for his actions, he attempted to explain that they were the result of him taking her words to heart.

He said: "When you said we ain't mates, I did take it to heart."

Luca then tried to explain that his decision to pie her and previous claim that she was riding the coattails of her partner Andrew to advance in the villa were not 'personal'.

"My digs have never been personal to you," he asserted.

However, fans on social media were not convinced by his apology and Dami's, who also said sorry for his recent actions in the villa.

"I know we probably overdone it," Dami said of he and Luca's treatment of Tasha and Andrew.


Reacting to the revelations, one fan tweeted: "It's absolutely heartbreaking to see how the actions of the boys in @LoveIsland have negatively affected Danica and really all the girls in general.

"I'm sure a lot of girls have felt something similar at one point and can agree that it's an awful feeling.

A second called for Ofcom to get involved.

They wrote: "me typing in ofcom dot com because enough is enough [sic]."

Meanwhile, some fans speculated that the producers had already intervened and that was what was behind Luca and Dami's apologies.

One fan wrote: "Luca and Dami aren't sincerely lol idc what anyone says itv fully made them apologise after all the ofcom complaints [sic]."

"Luca & Dami defo got the 'you have to apologise' speech by producers to keep Women's Aid and OFCOM away," agreed a second.

"The producers tryna keep Ofcom at bay with that apology," wrote a third while a fourth added: "Gonna report the producers to Ofcom for gaslighting us."

Love Island fans went on to call Luca and Dami's respective partners Gemma and Indiyah to call out their behaviour.

"Luca and Dami are MALICIOUS and Gemma and Indiyah don't give a sh*t," wrote one fan.

"Gemma and Indiyah are just as bad for doing f**k all about their mans," added a second while a third wrote: "Gemma and Indiyah not once talking to their men about how they treat other women is sketch, hoping it's just unaired [sic]."

Hopefully, the islanders start to resolve their issues and continue to enjoy their summer of love!

Featured Image Credit: ITV/Love Island

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